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A Closet Detox Saves You More than Just Space

Three little known benefits of a closet clean-out

My kids started school today. There's something about this time of year that makes me crave a fresh start, a new beginning. The laziness of Summer starts to fade away and I get back to business. I guess you never really get rid of that feeling even as you grow into an adult.

When I returned home from dropping off the kids, I had this itch to get productive. But not necessarily with my work... I had the itch to detox my entire house! I wanted to clean the kitchen and all it's cupboards, throwing away containers and other junk I never use. I wanted to vacuum out my car from the remnants of summer trips and activities, and spray down the garage floors. I wanted to throw out old toys and free McDonald's shit we use for only a day, but that live for years inside our house. I wanted to organize my office making it an even more inspirational place where creative magic happens!

(P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets these weird clean out vibes at the start of school!)

And of course, I also had the itch to get in my closet and do a major detox. In the Midwest, I know the itch for a closet clean-out is also related to the season changing. While we aren't quite yet to the end of Summer, we all know that once school starts, it's just a matter of time before Fall is in full swing. And for Midwesterners, we also know this change of seasons signals a need for a wardrobe change, as well. Move out summer dresses and shorts, and make way for those cozy sweaters and boots!

While switching up our closets for a new season is a necessity, taking the time to do a real detox - you know, the kind where you really dig deep and see what's hiding at the back of your closet - is even more essential. It's been said that...

"The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don't." - Joshua Becker

Boy does this ring true not only for our closets, but for our life in general!

Clearing out what doesn't serve you and making way for what does is exactly why every single one of my Style Transformation clients is required to do a detox before they begin working with me.

Why, you ask? Doesn't this seem a bit unnecessary?

Quite the opposite, my friends! You see, a closet detox isn't just about creating space in your closet (although that is undoubtedly a big benefit of a clean-out), it's about freeing up mental space, it's about finding clarity, it's about saving yourself money! And who doesn't want that?

Let's dive into each one of these 3 little known benefits of a closet detox.

#1 A Closet Detox Saves You Mind Space

I am a firm believer that a cluttered space = a cluttered mind. In fact, this is so true for me that I can't even focus on doing work in my office if my desk is messy or there are things scattered all over the floor. (Is this you, too?)

Having a cluttered closet isn't doing you any favors, either. For one, it makes it extremely hard to find things. Be honest... have you ever bought something new and hung it in your closet, only to forget about it almost immediately and then find it a year later? If you just screamed, "YES!" you aren't alone. This happens all too often, because when our closets are over-stuffed and everything is jammed into a pile, we can't physically see what is in there. Or, what we do see, we don't like.

Messy, overloaded closets lead to overwhelm and anxiety really quickly. I feel that we never really progress beyond toddlers in the sense that too many options causes confusion. It's why women tell me that shopping is so overwhelming to them. Just the thought of walking into a store, or shopping online with endless options makes their mind explode. In this case, more is definitely not more.

Imagine walking into your closet where you can actually see all your clothes. And what you see, you love. Adore, actually. Not only that, these clothes fit you right now, and it matches your personal style perfectly. You may have less than your once overcrowded closet, but somehow, it seems like you have so many more options. My Style Transformation clients have the added benefit of knowing exactly how to style each and every piece in their closet, because I create hundreds of style boards for them, using their own clothes in multiple ways. Talk about taking the stress out of your already busy morning!

Retailers will try to convince you that you always need more. Maybe you fall into this trap, too. I have, I admit. But the reality is that "more" only adds to the chaos. Detoxing helps you weed out the things that really don't belong there, so you put your attention on wearing the things you love over and over, in different ways. By approaching your closet in this way, I guarantee you won't get bored - or overwhelmed.

#2 A Closet Detox Saves You Money

Fall fashion is already starting to flood into our inboxes and social feeds. Magazines and bloggers are talking about trends. And stores have been discounting summer items for at least a month to make way for Fall pieces. For most women, we are easily swept up into buying new for Fall, but rarely do we first figure out what we already have, or what we may actually want or need. (Am I right?!)

And this, my friends, is where we really waste our precious, hard-earned money.

  • How many times have you purchased something new, only to find out you had something similar (or an exact duplicate!) stuffed in the back of your closet?

  • Or bought something new but never wore because somehow it just didn't look the same at home as it did in the dressing room, or it goes with nothing in your closet.

  • Or, you bought something you didn't want or like, but didn't want to hassle with the return.

If you add up all these instances, you would be floored at the amount of money tied up with things we never wear, or love.

This happens all the time. I see it in my client's closets. Women have a tendency to buy the same things over and over. We have 20 pairs of black leggings, 10 pairs of dark wash skinny jeans, 8 white tees, 20 flip flops, and on and on. We are creatures of habit! As a result, our wardrobes suffer. Buying the same styles over and over leads to a pretty boring closet, and makes it hard to create outfits, leading to that feeling of needing more or nothing to wear. So, (you guessed it!) we buy more, but never really fulfill the need we have.

One of the things that I do as part of my Style Transformation service is create a personal wardrobe checklist, that is specific to my clients' lifestyle needs and their personal style. (Find out why I hate generic wardrobe checklists!) After detoxing what doesn't belong or they never wear, I have a better sense of what they actually need to create a workable, interesting, fun wardrobe! Most people don't shop with this holistic viewpoint in mind, which is why it's such a money saver for my clients. We add things intentionally and purposefully. Quite the opposite of what retailers are training you to do!

As if just knowing what's in your closet and making better purchase decisions doesn't save you enough money, an added bonus when you clean out is that you can either donate, or sell your gently used items for a profit! For higher-end and designer brand items, I recommend Tradesy, which makes it easy to upload images of your item and have it ready to sell in a flash. (Also, to motivate you even further, Tradesy claims on their website that "the average woman has $1000 worth of resale value in her closet." Cha-ching!) Or, for more mainstream brands you can check out ThredUp or Poshmark. Both are equally easy to get setup and go. And what about all that money you're going to make with these used clothes? Well, you can bank it, or you can use it to invest in pieces you will actually wear and love for years to come.

#3 A Closet Detox Saves You From Style Confusion

My coach always tells me that success loves clarity. And she's right. A confused mind doesn't buy. When I am laser-focused on how I am serving women with their style and wardrobes, I am so much more successful, I am able to speak more clearly about my services, and people are also pretty clear on what I do. So the clearer I can be with who I am, what I am about and how I can serve you, the better off I will be. Seems pretty simple, right?

So how does this idea of clarity relate to your wardrobe?

Here's the deal: If you aren't clear about your style, there is no possible way to create a wardrobe of your dreams.

Your closet will be made up of a hodge podge of things that you bought willy nilly, in a rush, or that someone else told you to buy or that someone gifted to you. But without knowing who you want to be, nothing in your closet will really feel like you - or light you up. Your clothes will fill the role of physically clothing your body, but will not represent you in the world as you want to be. Is this sounding familiar to anyone?

Style clarity is essential to creating the style life you want. You have to know who you are, and who you aren't. Not what someone else said you should be. And believe me, once I help my clients nail down their unique style, boy is it a breeze for them to detox! They don't waffle, they aren't indecisive, they aren't guilt-ridden. They are finally able to toss or donate what is holding them back and adding to the clutter. A true fresh start.

Are you ready for a fresh start?

I'd love to work with you to define your personal style, and create a wardrobe that allows you to show up as your most authentic self. And, save you precious mind space, energy and money in the process! I am currently booking a limited number of clients for my Style Transformation service this Fall, and I'd love for you to have one of those spots! Learn if this is right for you by booking a free 30-minute style consult with me.

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