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Comfy + Chic: How to wear joggers for the holidays

We are almost to the end of this crazy year, and given all that happened, I plan to end it with a bang. Of course, in the form of my holiday outfit choices!

There are some who may say that fashion and style and clothes are frivolous. They are not important, and have no significant impact on our lives. Or, that getting dressed during this pandemic is "trying too hard."

I beg to differ!

In fact, research shows that what we wear impacts our mood, our performance and our behavior. A study done in 2012 by Northwestern University psychologists Hajo Adams and Adam Galinsky published a groundbreaking study called "Enclothed Cognition" and concluded that "clothes systematically influence wearers' psychological processes." In their study, they found that people wearing a white lab coat exhibited better attention and focus. Through this series of studies they found that the "wearer takes on the symbolic value of the clothes they wear." (1)

All this means is that how we choose to present ourselves and the clothes we wear have the ability to empower you, so use it!

In addition to that, for the data geeks out there... there's more science to back this up.

Brain science tells us that how we feel in our clothes and the clothing choices we make can have a major impact in our life. Specifically, it can impact our behavior, attitude, personality, mood, confidence and interpersonal connections. WOW!

Why is this? Because when we feel something, our brains activate and send chemical throughout our bodies.

  1. When we put on clothes that we don't love, don't feel good in, or when we feel frumpy, it sends toxic chemicals throughout our body, leading in worst cases to anxiety and depression.

  2. And when we put on clothes that we feel good in, our brain sends good chemicals.

This is why it's so important to rid your closet of things you don't feel good in, that remind you of bad or negative memories, things that you don't love, and even things that don't fit you right now. (More on dressing the body you have now in an upcoming post!)

All of this said, as a human being with feelings and needs, I also understand the desire for comfort as we are all working from home and dealing with a myriad of challenges. So today's post is all about how you marry comfort + chic. I've put together 5 holiday outfits that can all be worn with joggers. Yep, you heard me... joggers! Pull out those comfy pants and get ready to sparkle!

SIDE NOTE: Before you all ask... my joggers ARE still available here. (in limited colors and sizes) They are good... really good. The material is a nice mix of comfort and polish, and do a good job of hiding the horrible butt jiggle we all dread!

Holiday Jogger Outfit #1: Add sequins

Adding sequins can instantly make your outfit party-ready! And this year more than ever, we are pushing the boundaries of what can be worn with sweatpants. I love this contrast of casual with fancy. Casual being your joggers (or jeans!) and fancy in your sequin top and high heels. (In case you ask... my exact top is an old one, but you can find a very similar one right here!)

Holiday Jogger Outfit #2: All biz up top; Party at your feet!

I know what you're going to say... sparkly shoes with joggers? Yep. We're going there. And when you add a cozy sweater on top, it helps pull the whole look together. You're going to need to channel Sarah Jessica Parker on this one, trust me! (Here again, my shoes are old. And my first pair of Kate Spade heels. They gift from my mom who knows how much I love the sparkle! Here is another Kate Spade version from this year, or this stunning pair from Bagdley Mischka, or this adorable flat pair from Boden.)

Holiday Jogger Outfit #3: Add a festive blazer

A blazer is a sure-fire way to polish up any casual look... it's one of my favorite ways to elevate my own outfits with jeans or casual pants. While you may not have a plaid blazer like this one (shop my exact blazer here from Zara), you could also add a velvet blazer, a festive color blazer (red or pink!), a tuxedo style blazer, tweed, or just your plain old black blazer for the classic look.

Holiday Jogger Outfit 4: Wear a smart sweater + fun accessories

One of the easiest looks to pull off - especially if you lean towards a more classic or simple style - is to pick a simple sweater and let all the fun come out in your accessories. Think: crystal earrings, bows, sequins, statement earrings or necklaces, animal prints, bright festive colors... you name it! This is where you can make it your own.

Holiday Jogger Outfit 5: Add a pretty blouse

If you don't like a lot of fuss, a simple way to elevate your joggers is with the contrast of a pretty and feminine blouse. And to make this look work, do the tuck! Always, tuck. Add a pair of feminine heels or flats (I prefer pointed toe to elongate my legs) to finish this look. I kept the jewelry simple on this one - with a gold necklace and simple stud earrings. But by all means you can amp it up with more statement making pieces.

So, who's feeling ready to style up those joggers for the holidays? Leave me a comment and ask any questions you may have!

If you are looking for 1:1 help with your style, let's chat! I offer a free 30-minute style consultation where you can learn more about my services - ranging from pulling together a single look to my monthly style program (a client favorite!)!

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1 - Dawnn Karen, Dress Your Best Life, Little, Brown Spark, 2020.

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