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About me

A Midwest-born fashion lover on a mission to help professional women show up as the bosses they are, without all the hassle.


Hi, I'm Ellie.

Expert Stylist & Personal Brand Coach

As a working mom and business owner, I understand how difficult it is to make yourself and your style a priority.  I also understand the desire to look and feel your best and the power this has on your personal and work life when you are working from a place of complete confidence in how you look.


I created Style Decoded - a virtual personal styling service - as I saw women struggling to find the time or energy to create a unique style that felt all their own; yet I knew it was something they greatly desired.


Despite the plethora of convenient shopping services, like StitchFix or Trendsend, and style bloggers to inspire your style, it seems to add more confusion and clutter, rather than clarity and simplicity for most women I know.

Making style simple.

This cluttered style space became my fuel: To help professional women define their personal style brand, to simplify their closet, and to feel joyful again (as opposed to stressed!) when getting dressed daily. 


My business is rooted in 4 beliefs:

1) What you wear matters because it changes how you feel, your behavior, attitude, interpersonal connections, and performance (brain science proves it!) And that, my friends is what I call impact;

2) Whether we like it or not, people will judge you. I want to help you manage what is within your control and show the world who you are through what you wear;


3) Your clothes should work harder for you;


4) More is not necessarily more. (Read more on this concept in my blog post, Beyond Trends: How a Capsule Wardrobe Can Set You Free.)


It's these 4 beliefs that have shaped my services and my approach into something I believe is truly helping women align their insides with their outsides, and show up as the bosses they are.


Branding Expert turned Stylist.

Styling is my passion but it hasn't always been my job. I spent 20 years of my career in client service, advertising, developing brands, blogging, podcasting, and creating marketing and social strategies for my clients, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to individuals building their personal brands online. To say I know a thing or two about marketing and branding is an understatement!


Now, I love teaching women how to define and own their unique personal brand through style. 

One size does not fit all.

Something my clients have told me is that I have a knack (my Zone of Genius perhaps?) for finding and celebrating the uniqueness in you. Essentially, you won't walk away from our time together looking exactly like me, or as my client put it, "refitting the same wardrobe for each client like some stylists do." You'll have a style that's uniquely your own.


I have worked with all body types (tall, petite, plus, you name it) and no two client styles are the same. This is the fun part for me!

Working with me, you'll access my knowledge of hundreds of brands to help you find the perfect fit for your style and budget. And, you can expect to get expert recommendations on what flatters your unique body type and fits your style personality. Something women struggle to do for themselves.

Whether you want to make more use of what you have in your closet or help with shopping for key items to complement what you already have, I am here to help.


My virtual services allow me to work with anyone, anywhere looking to elevate their style.  I can't wait to work with you!

Email me to learn more!


Let's chat

(it's free)!

Not sure which service is right for your specific needs?


Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call on my calendar below!



Hire Ellie to Speak

Book me for a fun and engaging keynote or  workshop where your women leaders will gain visibility and confidence through defining a personal style brand.

Explore Style Services


Your Style Brand
1/2 Day Intensive

Gain clarity & confidence about your authentic style, colors and best shapes in this 1/2 day intensive session.

mini style board website image new - IG for website.png

Mini Style Board

Styling service for a one-time outfit need. Perfect for that big meeting or event coming up when you want to look and feel your best!


Seasonal Wardrobe Edit

Feeling uninspired, frustrated or overwhelmed with your wardrobe? It's time for a seasonal style reboot.

Beyond Trends: How a Capsule Wardrobe Can Set You Free

In a "more is more" world where we are looking for the next dopamine hit, how can we be satisfied with less in our closets? Find out.

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