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Intensive +
Seasonal Wardrobe

Start showing up as the boss you are.

Say hello to 
amazing style, without the hassle.

You've worked hard to get where you are today. You've evolved and grown as a leader or maybe you've even started your own business. Let's just say, you feel like you've arrived. But, somehow, your closet hasn't evolved with you. In fact, it feels like the wardrobe of your 20-something year old self, or a reflection of outdated pre-pandemic dress codes. It certainly doesn't give you the confident boss vibe you're going for.


If you're like most women I meet, you experience one or more of these barriers to achieving great style:

  • You've tried StitchFix or another shopping service to save time, yet still feel like you have nothing to wear or don't have options when you need it most.

  • You don't have the time or energy to devote to shopping or figuring out a cohesive wardrobe.

  • You aren't even sure what style you love anymore, or if you even have one.

  • You don't feel energized, joyful or confident when getting dressed; it's a stressful task every day.

  • You feel confident on the inside, but that feeling isn't matched on the outside.

  • You're confused about your post-pandemic wardrobe and new dress codes, but aren't sure what to do.

  • You desire a simpler approach to your wardrobe, but are overwhelmed by years of build-up in your closet.


If any of this sounds like you, consider it your sign you need a style refresh.

The Seasonal Wardrobe Edit service is your key to identifying a style that's unique and authentic to you - and then creating a wardrobe to match, without all the hassle of doing it on your own.


How is this different than what I've tried before?

Hiring a personal shopper, or subscribing to an online shopping service like StitchFix or TrendSend - is marketed as a way to save you time. A quick fix. But these services don't actually solve your problem of building a cohesive, workable wardrobe you love. It just adds to your problem of having an overwhelming closet where you still feel like you have "nothing to wear" and never quite feel pulled together for whatever your day holds.


Solving your style problem doesn't start with shopping.


It starts on the inside with getting clear and confident about the woman in your vision, and how she shows up in this world. It starts with aligning your insides with your outsides. It starts with knowing the impact you want to have when you enter a room, and how you want to feel. Instead of pleasing others with what you wear, the real person you need to please is yourself.


It's been said that "Being authentic will radiate more pure energy than trying to be an ideal you." (- Christina Lonsdale). I couldn't agree more.

A new, one-size
doesn't fit all, approach

Style is deeply personal. It's a reflection of who you are, and a way to say who you are without having to speak.


My approach is different because we start with the inside, and align it with your outsides. Our first meetings together will go deep on visioning the woman you want to be in this world, and identifying what beliefs, barriers, rules and expectations may be holding you back from embodying that vision. You also discover your best colors, metals and neutrals, and understand how to dress your unique body type. These foundational elements become the core of Your Style Brand.


From there, I teach you a more simplified approach to your wardrobe, identifying key pieces that fit your personal style, lifestyle and budget. I consider what you already have in your wardrobe that's workable and suggest pieces to round out your wardrobe and make it easier to create balanced, beautiful outfits. Then, I show you how to mix and match it in multiple ways so that your clothes are working hard for you - not hardly working.

Beyond Trends: How a Capsule Wardrobe Can Set You Free

In a "more is more" world where we are looking for the next dopamine hit, how can we be satisfied with less in our closets? Find out.

samantha allen headshot - 600x600 px.png

Senior VP of
Marketing Strategy

This was the best investment I made all year! When I started this process, I was feeling totally defeated and honestly, kind of gross about my style. I wasn't confident, I hated my clothes, and I didn't have the time or energy to try and fix it! After working with Ellie, I now feel CONFIDENT! I look forward to getting dressed in the morning and feel put together and ready to take on the day when I walk into the office. I receive compliments on my clothes and style consistently and what used to be a pain point and source of stress is now a strength!

brooke headshot.jpeg

Fractional CMO

I started working with Ellie because I was struggling with the “I have nothing to wear” and “nothing looks good on me” blues. Add in working from home and basically only going to the gym, I felt like I was in a fashion rut. Enter Ellie. We had our initial style session where I defined when I feel most confident as well as my three style words.  She helped me take the clothes I own and style them in ways I never would have done. She also identified some gaps and found me some great pieces to purchase. (I learned I was wearing the wrong jeans for my body type and not accentuating my features.) And the real win here: I have never felt more beautiful and confident in my clothes! 


You have to hire her. Immediately.

danelle headshot new.jpeg

Founder of Passport
Public Relations

If you are like me you're overextended trying to juggle business and personal. Small humans, big clients, business trips, birthday parties...and when you're lucky date nights and girl's nights out. Thanks to Ellie, I now have one less thing to stress about. I love my new wardrobe and being able to pull up my custom site and search for the boss babe looks she put together for me. Way less stress and my husband appreciates not having to tell me what shoes look best.


10/10: I recommend you call Ellie today for your glow-up. :)


What's Included?

For those who prefer the Cliff Notes version, here's what is included in a Seasonal Wardrobe Edit. (For those who like the details... Keep scrolling!)

  • Step 1: Style Brand Intensive (3, 1-hour virtual sessions - learn more here)

  • Step 2: Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Creation (Up to 25 pieces)

  • Step 3: (Curated!) Online Shopping

  • Step 4: 50 Style Boards (head-to-toe outfits, shoes and accessories included!)


Plus, this service includes:

  • A Personalized Style Site, available 24/7 as an app on your phone 

  • Professional Color Analysis Report (including your 35 best colors, best metals and neutrals. Valued at $165!) 

  • Body Type Styling Tips and Tricks (and what to avoid for your body type)

  • Closet Detox Guide (to actually clean out effectively this time!)


Your Investment: $4,500

*Does not include shopping budget. You save 10% by purchasing the Style Brand Intensive + Seasonal Wardrobe bundle!



Style Brand Intensive

Start by filling out a style profile, where I can learn about your style challenges & goals, as well as the nitty gritty stuff like your measurements and shopping budget. Then, we do a deep dive into your style foundation in Style Brand Intensive.  (learn more here)


We'll cover three foundational style elements in this session:


1) Style Vision


2) Style Application


3) Style Mindset


Learn more about the Style Brand Intensive.



Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Creation 

With your style foundation in mind, I'll create a seasonal capsule wardrobe to bring your style vision to life and simplify your wardrobe.  (Includes up to 25 pieces.) When creating your capsule wardrobe, I curate pieces carefully with your unique needs in mind - including your personal style, your colors, your budget and your lifestyle needs. 


Have things from your own closet you want to incorporate? I love using what you have! You can include up to 10 pieces to complement what I put together, or start fresh, it's your choice. The goal is to create a simplified, cohesive wardrobe that works harder for you!



(Curated!) Online Shopping

With your seasonal capsule wardrobe checklist in hand, I'll go to work shopping online for items to add to your wardrobe, curated specially for you. Every item will be handpicked to fit and flatter your body, your personal style, your best colors, and budget. You just pick what you love from my curated shopping boards and add to cart! It will be the easiest and most-stress free shopping you'll ever do. Shopping includes up to 25 pieces for one season, which I've found is more than enough for most women.


Step 4: 

Style Boards

Once you have your new items, I'll show you how to put it all together, mixing the old and new into beautiful, personalized outfits. Style boards - aka, head-to-toe outfits - are where I show you how to mix & match items and pull together looks for whatever you have on your calendar.  With these style boards in hand, you can say goodbye to the stress of getting dressed each morning! All you have to do is open your personal style site app and pick an outfit to wear, then go to your closet to put it on. Style boards are created for one season.

style transformation image for website - style integration step 5 .jpg


Personal Style Site

A client favorite! Along with this service you will get access to your own personal style site - available 24/7 as an app on your phone - that you can refer to again and again while getting dressed or when you need outfit inspo. Say goodbye to long stares at your closet, hoping inspiration will strike. You will know confidently how to put together outfits with just the right accessories, without all the second-guessing. Your style site is also where your shopping boards are hosted, as well as your digital closet for the season!

style site desktop screen  - no buttons.png


Professional Color Analysis

As part of this service, you are going to know exactly what colors are best for your skin tone through a professional color analysis (valued at $165).  The color analysis includes a detailed report of your 35 best colors, your best metals and neutrals, and digital and physical color cards to take with you in your closet or shopping. 

Color Analysis - website image.jpg


Body Type Styling Tips

No more wondering what styles flatter your natural body type. I'm going to teach you how to choose the right styles and understand proportions to look & feel your best - and embrace and love your body no matter what size you currently are. Learning to dress your body type is a huge part of feeling confident (instead of focusing on the "flaws").

body type header image NEW 2023- blog post.png


Closet Detox Guide

Detox like you've never detoxed before! With your style foundation set, you'll be able to more effectively and confidently decide what stays and what goes in your closet. I'll arm you with a Closet Detox Guide, which includes my favorite questions to ask during a closet detox, ensuring your time spent is effective. Plus, learn my preferred method to prep and organize before you get started, and tips for how to get started when you lack motivation or feel overwhelmed.

Closet detox guide - website image FB style transformation.png

Yes, I'm ready for the ultimate wardrobe experience.

Here's your next step: Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call on my calendar at the link below!

What's a capsule approach, and why is it better?

We tend to think we need a lot of clothes, but really what we need is key pieces that work harder for us! (Did you know that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?) Most women either get in the habit of buying too many basics or too many fun, unique pieces (either way, it makes it really hard to create outfits!). A capsule wardrobe approach works to simplify the number of pieces that are in your closet, but selected carefully so that it actually gives you more options. 


A capsule approach works to balance out your closet and fill holes where needed, making it easier to get dressed. (In case you're wondering, yes, you can Google ‘capsule wardrobes’ and find plenty of results.) What makes working with an expert stylist unique is that the capsule is personalized to your individual style, your colors, your budget and lifestyle needs. 


The goal is to create a simplified, cohesive wardrobe that you love, makes you feel confident, and works harder for you!

Read more about if a capsule approach is right for in this blog: Beyond Trends: How a Capsule Wardrobe Can Set You Free

female avatar.png

Seasonal Capsule Client

I was in a style funk and she is helping me to find my style and spunk again!

I love that Ellie listened to me and understood where I am at in my life and how she can help to fill in the voids that I have been feeling.  I am excited to get dressed again!  I have always loved clothes and fashion and am excited to have this piece of me back that I feel like has been missing.

felica new headshot.png


I get compliments every. Single. Day. I feel so good. I feel professional. I feel my age. I feel appropriate in every setting. I am in total alignment. Thank you!”

mary kate new headshot image linkedin.jpeg

Mary Kate,
Financial Services Marketing Chief

Every morning, I use the Style Boards Ellie created for me to pick an outfit, get dressed, and jet. No more trying on multiple outfits, no more feeling cranky about stuff that doesn't fit right, and no more under-accessorizing because I don't know what works. I just look awesome all the time, and I don't have to put any thought into it. What sets Ellie apart is her unique ability to read between the lines and understand your style even when you don't know the words to articulate it. I’m so glad I hired her because I never have to wonder what to wear again, I know how to have fun shopping again, and it's easy for me to pick things out that align with what's ME.  

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