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Increase your women leadership team's visibility and confidence at work through defining their personal style brand.

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"Ellie was terrific! I’ve done the topic a hundred times in my years in fashion. But this felt fresh and very today."
- Lesley Seymour

Women's Leadership Training Program

Your Style Brand Workshop

​​In this half day session, I’ll lead the group through defining 3 foundational elements of their personal style brand, giving them the confidence to show up in alignment with the leader she wants to be and the tools and knowledge to put her personal, authentic style into action.


The three foundational style elements we will cover include:

1. Style Vision | Define 3 personal style brand words and identify the woman you want to become

2. Style Tools | Learn the power of color and knowing your unique body type to create a personal style that works for your body, not against it.

3. Style Mindset | In order to make change, we have to understand what's holding us back. We'll name the rules, expectations, standards or messages you've been taught about style or our bodies that hold us back in our leadership.

3-4 hour session

Zoom or In-person available

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Hire Ellie to Speak!


Keynote Speaking

Keynote Topic 1: How to Use Style to Create a Magnetic Personal Brand

Session Description:

Most women think that the decision of what to wear each day is fairly insignificant, trite or even self-indulgent. But what is actually true is that what we choose to wear on a daily basis impacts our mood, our behavior and our performance - and is a critical part of our personal brand.


Join Ellie in this eye-opening session where you’ll learn how to use style to create a magnetic personal brand that is authentic and makes a statement without saying a word.

1 hour session (includes Q&A)

Zoom or In-person available

Keynote Topic 2: Dress for Success in a No-Dress Code World

Session Description:

Join Ellie in this fun and engaging session, where you'll learn how our workplace dress codes have significantly changed over the last few years (accelerated by the pandemic) and the brain science research behind why what you wear has a major impact on your day.


You'll leave this session with the knowledge of how to dress with more confidence, how to embrace authenticity so that the real you shines, and an understanding of the connection between your dress and your performance at work and home.

1 hour session (includes Q&A)

Zoom or In-person available


"Ellie's content was informative and asked great questions to get me thinking about my visual brand. Everything about Ellie and her presentation was so polished!"
- Participant
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