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Style Brand

Gain clarity & confidence about your style, colors and best shapes in this 2-hour intensive session.

Why name your Style Brand?

Intimately understanding your style brand - or your style foundation as I like to call it - is how you go about creating a closet you love!


After this 2-hour intensive session,  you'll feel more confident than ever in your style and how to show up in alignment with who you are.

You'll walk away from this session...

  • Being able to name and own on your personal, unique style with confidence.

  • Understanding what rules, expectations, or beliefs are holding you back from owning your style and keeping you stuck. 

  • Learning your best colors, neutrals and metals (Includes a professional color analysis from Color Guru - a $165 value!)

  • Understanding your body type, and learning which styles work for you - and which don't.

  • Knowing how to align your wardrobe with your new style.

  • Having confidence of what to keep or toss in your closet.

  • Equipped to navigate shopping with less overwhelm - knowing what works for you and what doesn't.


Plus, get a free 30-minute follow up call with me after your session to ask any final questions.

A Style Brand Intensive client said this of her experience, "After working with Ellie, I now feel liberated from making style choices that are for other people, not myself. Working with Ellie allowed me to recognize and define my own style, and see how the things in my wardrobe that did not align with my style were preventing me from showing up as my true self." - Jeanne

Are you ready to feel more liberated? Let's define your style brand!

Cost: $650

Includes a professional custom color analysis - a $165 value!


Know Your Best Colors

Your Custom Color Analysis

Included with this intensive program is a professional custom color analysis by Color Guru (a $165 value!), including your best 35 colors, best neutrals and metals, your mood colors, a color report, and physical & digital color cards that can help you make better color decisions while shopping.

After you have your results, we'll spend time in your session talking about which colors feel most powerful for you and how to use them in your wardrobe. 

I want in!
Sign me up for Your Style Brand Intensive.

kelli headshot.png

Kelli, Womens' Leadership & Career Coach

Because of my work with Ellie, I know what to eliminate so much quicker. What colors to look for, styles to look for and to avoid. As a result, I feel confident and empowered in my every day work interactions.

staci headshot.png

Staci, Educational Neuroscientist & Speaker

Ellie has helped me embrace the best of my personality by showing me how to incorporate my colorful personality in a way that still feels professional and put together. I love mixing bright colors and patterns and have always felt like it represented my inner personality… but could never quite get it to also represent my intellectual side UNTIL Ellie.

mary kate headshot.png

Mary Kate, Chief Marketing Officer

What sets Ellie apart is her unique ability to read between the lines and understand your style even when you don't know the words to articulate it. I’m so glad I hired her because I know how to have fun shopping again, and it's easy for me to pick things out that align with what's ME.

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