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Mini Style Board

Perfect for that big meeting or event coming up when you want to look and feel your best (minus the stress)!

Why a Mini Style Board?

This one-time styling service is perfect for a big event or presentation that you may have coming up, an interview, a work trip, or a special social gathering where you want to look and feel your best - minus all the stress and hassle of getting dressed on your own.


No more stressing over finding the perfect outfit or wasting hours of your time shopping online or in stores - and using hope as your strategy that you will find just the right thing.


Leave it to an expert (that's me!) to worry about the details and help you style a complete outfit - from head to toe - that will nail your personal style and leave you feeling 100% confident in what you are wearing.


What's Included

I've set up this Mini Style Board so that you get maximum impact (looking amazing, that is), with very little effort on your part.

We start by setting your style foundation in a 1/2 day Style Brand Intensive. During this session, we'll define your unique, personal style, what barriers or mindset blocks may be stopping you from embracing your style vision, discuss the results of your professional color analysis (valued at $165!) and get style tips for how to dress your unique body type. This foundation is a critical step in our time together as it 

From there, I have what I need to get started and you get to focus your energy elsewhere. Before you know it, you'll have at least 3 style boards to shop from (on your very own style site!) that align with your style goals.


Hint, hint... many of my clients purchase multiple outfits because they fall in love with all of them!


Have something already in your closet you want to incorporate into the look? No problem! l specialize in helping you get more use out of what you already own.


Or, I can start fresh and shop for something new - using my knowledge of hundreds of brands to help you find the perfect fit for your style and budget.


Either way, you can expect to get expert recommendations on what flatters for you unique body type and fits your personality.

Keep scrolling to see a step by step guide to how this service works!

Cost: $1,200

*Does not include shopping budget, if needed. 

Ellie is the absolute PERFECT partner that you need to look and feel your best for special events, important business meetings, or even your day-to-day personal style! Her professionalism, attention to detail, and on-trend resources set her apart, well beyond others in the space.



  • Step 1- Style Brand Intensive Session: Intimately understanding your style brand - or style foundation as I like to call it - is how you go about creating outfits you truly love and want to wear on repeat! As a result of this 1/2 day intensive Zoom session,  you'll feel more confident than ever in your style and how to show up in alignment with who you are. We cover three main things in this session: 1) defining your personal, unique style alongside determining what expectations, beliefs or rules may be holding you back from embracing this style vision; 2) a professional color analysis report, including your 35 best colors, best neutrals and metals (valued at $165); 3) style tips for your unique body type so you know what works for - and against - your natural shape.

  • Step 2 - Style Board Creation: Next, I’ll get to work on putting together style boards (head to toe outfits) customized for you with at least 3 options for your event.  As a stylist, I am familiar with hundreds of brands and am able to match you with the ones that fit your personal style and budget. Plus, I'll have your measurements and will only recommend what works for your body. 

  • Step 3 - The Big Reveal: This is the most exciting step! We book a 30-minute Zoom call so I can share the looks I've picked out for you.  You can expect to see three options to choose from! And the best part? From your own personalized style website, you can easily and directly shop the pieces you love within seconds. I find most women end up with more than just one outfit from this process, as they fall in love with all the style boards I create!

  • Step 4 - The Virtual Try-on: Once you receive all of your new items, we'll do a virtual try-on to make sure that everything is put together perfectly and that you feel your best.

Stop trying to go it alone! Let me help you nail your look when it matters the most.  I guarantee you will fall in love with how you look and feel when we are done.

What sets Ellie apart is her attention to detail, understanding my specific style, clarity and ability to make everything complicated easy to understand. I'm so glad I hired Ellie because it deepened my understanding of my body type, style words and colors that are the most comfortable and show off my unique style. I couldn't figure out why something didn't work until Ellie. Now I'm able to leave those things and it saves me time!


Yes, I want help putting
together an outfit! 

Still have questions?

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to see if this service is right for you!

What People Are Saying

What sets Ellie apart is that she took the time to learn what I wanted. And she was fun to work with!

Mini Style Board client

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