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Style Brand

Gain clarity & confidence about your authentic style, best colors and shapes in this VIP intensive experience.

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Let's define your signature style brand!

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Style is a Part of
Your Personal Brand

As a professional woman, you know all too well the importance of developing a personal brand. How you show up in your interactions at work and in your personal life are also a reflection of that brand! People will get a sense of who you are in the first few moments of meeting you, and you want it to be an authentic version of yourself they see!

Your style brand should be a reflection of your insides on the outsides, not how you think you're supposed to show up, or what cultural norms define. (We all know there's plenty of opinions, rules and expectations about this!) When you show up in a way that feels authentically you, you get a boost of energy that determines the trajectory of your day, boosts productivity, and gives you that extra dose of confidence to stand taller and speak up.


Aside from all the positive benefits of embracing a a style that's aligned to you, intimately understanding your personal style is the building block to creating a closet you love and will wear on repeat!


In this Style Brand Intensive, I give you the tools to define your signature style - including your best colors and best shapes for your body type.  


You'll walk away from this session with the confidence and courage to show up in alignment with the woman you want to be, the tools to detox your closet with greater ease, and the knowledge of how to shop the best items for you without overwhelm.

Keep reading for more details on what's included!


What we'll cover

In the Style Brand Intensive, we'll cover these 3 foundational elements of your style in a 3-part experience:

  • Define Your Authentic Style

    • Name and own on your personal, unique style with confidence 

    • Understand what rules, expectations, or beliefs are holding you back from owning your style and keeping you stuck. 

  • Discover Your Best Colors

    • Know your 35 best colors, best metals and neutrals with a professional color analysis - a $165 value!

    • Define your power color

    • Learn how to create beautiful color combinations

  • Understand Your Body Type

    • Learn which styles work for your body - and against you.

    • See specific examples of garments that work for you - including jean recommendations!

  • Have the Tools and Knowledge to Confidently:

    • Align your wardrobe with your authentic style.

    • Discern what to keep or toss in your closet.

    • Choose colors and neutrals that give you a major glow up!

    • Navigate shopping with less overwhelm.


Plus, you get these extras:

  1. 30-minute follow up call with me after your session to ask any final questions.

  2. Closet Detox Guide

  3. Body Type Styling Tips & Tricks Guide 

  4. Shopping with Intention Guide

  5. Color Tips & Combos Guide

Cost: $2,500

Includes a professional custom color analysis - a $165 value!

Are you ready to make your mark?
(let's chat)

Let's talk about how I can help  take your style brand to the next level. Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call on my calendar at the link below!

kelli headshot.png

Kelli, Womens' Leadership & Career Coach

Because of my work with Ellie, I know what to eliminate so much quicker. What colors to look for, styles to look for and to avoid. As a result, I feel confident and empowered in my every day work interactions.

staci headshot.png

Staci, Educational Neuroscientist & Speaker

Ellie has helped me embrace the best of my personality by showing me how to incorporate my colorful personality in a way that still feels professional and put together. I love mixing bright colors and patterns and have always felt like it represented my inner personality… but could never quite get it to also represent my intellectual side UNTIL Ellie.


Jeanne, Founder

After working with Ellie, I now feel liberated from making style choices that are for other people, not myself. Working with Ellie allowed me to recognize and define my own style, and see how the things in my wardrobe that did not align with my style were preventing me from showing up as my true self.


This Style Brand Experience may be for you if...

As an executive, entrepreneur, public speaker or business owner, you are highly visible in your role. However, with the amount of responsibilities on your plate, it's hard to devote any time or energy to shopping or creating outfits that make you feel your best.  If you are a leader, you are the face to your business or team, and how you show up in meetings or Zoom calls makes an impression no only on others, but how you feel throughout your day.


As a visible female leader, you may feel pressure to dress in a way that your culture, workplace, family or social networks define. Dressing in this way is exhausting, undermines our power, and keeps us from showing up as our true selves. Defining your personal style brand is the way to align your insides with your outsides, and take back that power.

If you are someone who is ready to rise to the next level in your life or career, this Style Brand Experience is going to help you get there. You'll finally be able to own your personal, unique style, and leave behind all the expectations, rules and standards about how a woman in leadership "should" look.

Body Type Styling Tips

Know what works for you - and what doesn't.

No more wondering what styles flatter your natural body type. I'm going to teach you how to choose the right styles and understand proportions to look & feel your best - and embrace and love your body no matter what size you currently are. Learning to dress your body type is a huge part of feeling confident (instead of focusing on the "flaws").

Color Analysis - website image.jpg

Get ready for your glow up!

Learn your best colors, neutrals & metals with a professional color analysis!

As part of this Style Brand Experience, you will learn exactly which colors are best for your skin tone through a professional color analysis (valued at $165). The color analysis includes a detailed report of your 35 best colors, your best metals and neutrals, and digital and physical color cards to take with you in your closet or shopping. 

Plus, during our sessions, we'll define your Power Color, which is a combination of a color that works great with your skin + gives you that confident, energized feeling. (Hint, You'll want to wear this anytime you're in a big meeting or speaking on stage!)

I'm ready to let my brilliance shine!

Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call on my calendar at the link below to get the conversation started!

danelle schlegelmilch profile photo linkedin.jpeg

Founder of Passport
Public Relations

I loved my session! I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone! 

Catherine Hinckley1500.jpg


After working with Ellie, I now feel so confident about the types of clothes that complement my body and also have lots of ideas about the brands that work for me, which helps me to spend less time shopping.  Overall, it was a really fun and satisfying experience and I truly wish I had found Ellie ten years ago!"

adrianne agulla headshot.jpeg

Childcare Center Owner

I absolutely loved the style brand intensive phase. Digging deep on my emotions and barriers around image and style helped me reset and prepare for what was to come. I also found that selecting the three style words has helped guide me in all steps of the process... from closet clean-out to purchasing new items. Your process was built with intention, and I really benefited from it.

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