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Closet Detox Course

Clean out your closet with me in one week,

in this 5-day course!

Fall Session: August 30 - September 3, 2021

About the Course

Fall fashions are already hitting stores and retailers are pushing products in our inboxes and social feeds. 

Before you rush into a Fall shopping spree or buy multiples of something already in your closet, let's clean out your closet and discover what you really want - and need for the upcoming season.

Over the course of 5 days, I'll help you detox your closet, ridding it of the things you no longer wear or need or serve you, in order to make room for the things you love. 

You'll also define your unique, personal style (which is essential to know before you can start clearing out or shopping) and create a Fall wardrobe checklist that you can use to stick to a budget for your Fall shopping.

What's Included


  • Guided closet detox from an expert stylist

  • How to know what to keep & what to toss (learn my fav questions to ask!)

  • Ask questions in real time and get support from other women

  • Define your unique, personal style

  • Create a shopping budget and wardrobe checklist for Fall shopping

  • Learn my style tricks for how to put it all together, so you're never bored with your wardrobe again.

Cost: $249

*Does not include shopping budget, if needed. 

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Course Outline

  • Day 1 - Personal Style & Power Colors: Any good closet clean-out can't be done well without first knowing who you are - and who you want to be in this world! Let's define your unique, personal style (yes - you DO have one!) We're also going to cover how to know what colors are best for your skin tone, as well as colors that light you up inside (AKA, your power color).

  • Day 2 - What to Toss: Before we get to what you want to keep in your closet, sometimes it's easier to identify what you don't. I'm going to give you the tools to determine what's worthy of keeping, and what has got to go! 

  • Day 3 - What to Keep: Using your personal style that you identified on day 1, we'll work on defining what you truly love and is worth taking up precious space in your closet.

  • Day 4 - Personal Wardrobe Checklist for Fall: Now that we have a closet of only things we love and want to keep, it's time to identify where we have holes. We'll work o create a personal checklist that helps you round out your wardrobe and makes it easy to create outfits, so you'll never be bored again! We'll also set a budget for your Fall Wardrobe.

  • Day 5 - Putting it all Together:  Learn my best tricks for making your wardrobe go further, how to mix and match and use your clothes in different and new ways.

Yes, I want to detox my closet with you!

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What People Are Saying

THANK YOU for delivering a quality group filled with intention, thoughtfulness and understanding. This challenge was weirdly tough AND refreshing.


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