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Photo Shoot Styling

Get camera-confident for your professional headshot or photo shoot!

Get Complete Camera Confidence

Do you stress for weeks (or months!) in advance when you know you need to get professional photos or headshots taken? Or when you have to walk on stage or give a big Zoom presentation? 


Let me guess... you go on a shopping frenzy, spending your precious time and energy finding the perfect thing, shipping a million things to your house, and then end up wearing the same old thing you pull out every time?


Now imagine what it would be like....


... to sit back and allow an expert to take on this task? Find comfort in knowing you will look and feel 100% camera confident?


This is exactly what I do for my clients and it’s a true game-changer for them.

My services include first establishing a style foundation through Your Style Brand Intensive, a 1/2 day virtual session where we'll define your unique, personal style (and what's holding you back from owning that style), discover your best colors through a professional color analysis and detailed report of your best colors, metals and neutrals (valued at $165), and finally learn your best shapes and styles for your body type.


With your Style Brand set, I'll create multiple outfit options for you to choose from or to accommodate outfit changes, online shopping (if wanting to buy new), offering guidance on camera-friendly styles and colors, and on-site presence at the photo shoot if desired.


Ready for your close-up?

Contact me to learn more about this service and pricing for your photo shoot needs.



Whether you need a brand photo shoot for your business or updated headshots, I'll be sure you are "camera confident" and feeling your most authentic self.


Let's chat

(it's free)!

Want to learn more about my photo shoot styling services?

Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call on my calendar below!

What People Are Saying

I was facing an ambitious photoshoot for my book cover and a smidge terrified we couldn’t pull it off. Once my publisher hired Ellie to style the shoot, my terror turned into giddy excitement. Ellie nailed each look, her attention to detail making all the difference. I looked so good, you guys! I couldn’t have done it without her.


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