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5 Hidden Benefits of Working with a Stylist

Your life's about to get a whole lot better.

Sure, stylists are going to make you look good, but working with a stylist is so much more than buying clothes and making over your closet. My passion for styling women was initially sparked because I knew from personal experience that getting dressed in things I loved and that worked for my body made me feel like I could conquer the world. And when friends and family started asking me for help, I noticed the same effect. Pure elation!

It wasn't until years later that I discovered there is real brain science behind getting dressed. When we put on things we love and feel good in, our brain activates and sends good chemicals throughout our brains. And studies have shown what we choose to wear can impact our productivity levels, mood, attitude, personality, interaction with others and so much more.

So, again I say: Styling isn't just about shopping and staying up to date with fashion trends. Styling is improving women's lives for the better!

Here's 5 ways working with a stylist can improve your life, that you may not have thought of.

#1 Stylists are time creators.

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend shopping (in-person or online), making returns, searching for an outfit for an important work or social event, or standing in your closet each morning to determine what to wear that day? An incredible amount of hours! I once had a client tell me that she spends months (months!) ahead of a planned trip stressing about what to pack or buy. And I commonly see women go through this panicked style cycle leading up to a big event they need to get dressed for (see image below), only to end up frustrated and right back where they started. This is no way to live, ladies!

Now imagine not worrying about any of these tasks ever again. (Did you just breathe a sigh of relief?) No more taking your precious time to shop, deciding where to find that perfect item, agonizing over what to wear in the morning, wondering if an outfit "works" or not, searching endlessly for the perfect dress for an upcoming occasion.

Giving my clients time back in their day may be one of the most satisfying things I do for them, because I know I am freeing up their time and mental energy to tackle the other important tasks on their list. So many women I work with know they want to look good, but they simply can't spend the time to do it. So like anything else, they outsource it to an expert!

#2 Stylists clear your space, and your mind.

I saw a quote one day that said, "If you don't love it or use it, it's clutter." I couldn't agree more! Personally, when my space is cluttered, I can't even think. The same is true with our closets. If it's so stuffed we can't see the floor or have no clue what's in there, it can be hard to figure out what to wear or know what you need to add to round out your wardrobe. Not only is it physically hard to deal with, your mind can't deal with it either. More is not more! Instead of wearing something we truly love and will feel good in, we just go with what's on top, what's clean, or your default.

Working with a stylist helps you get clear about what's in your wardrobe, and if it's working for or against you.

We get clear about their personal style and what in their wardrobe fits within that style. We get clear about what works for their body, and what isn't worth keeping. We get clear about what they will actually use - based on their lifestyle needs. We get clear about what fits and flatters, and what should be let go. We get clear about having a balanced wardrobe including both basics and fun items that make it so easy to create outfits. (absolutely no need for 30 black leggings!) It's common for me to see women hold onto things way beyond the expiration date (i.e. clothes that we have grown out of, clothes we have been given but don't love, clothes we bought and never wore.) but it is doing us no favors. Clear space = clear mind. Who doesn't want that!

#3 Stylists help you save money. (Yes, I said it!)

I have a feeling you were thinking just the opposite were true. It's a common assumption that working with a stylist is expensive. And many believe it's a privilege only for the rich and famous. (Also not true!) Consider the amount of money you have spent on items that didn't fit and never returned. Or items you bought mindlessly in a frantic moment and then never wore again, because you didn't really love it in the first place. Or how about when you bought a black dress only to find you had a nearly identical one in the back of your closet. Or your tendency to buy the same style shirt over and over, and then feel bored with your closet only to spend more. Any of this sounding familiar?

If you would add up all the money spent on things in your closet you never wear or don't fit or have duplicates of, I bet you would be floored at the amount!

As a styling professional, I help you get more strategic about putting things in your cost you will actually wear and love for years to come. And I do that by taking an assessment of what's in your closet first, and then creating a wardrobe checklist specific to your lifestyle needs, your personal style, and your budget. (Find out why I hate generic wardrobe checklists here) Not only that, but I know where it's worth spending your money, and where to save. Believe me, you don't have to be rich to build a beautiful wardrobe. From there, I help you actually USE the things in your closet to the fullest by creating multiple ways to wear them in your life. Wearing your clothes in multiple ways, in multiple aspects of your life, is something I see women missing out on, so it's a key part of what I teach them to do.

#4 Stylists increase your confidence.

Maybe you don't confess to having a confidence problem. Maybe you love your body as is and don't struggle with the mean-girl self-talk that so many women experience. But here's what I've learned about every single client and quite frankly, any woman I've ever known: When we wear something we love, and that fits our bodies and our style perfectly, no matter your current level of confidence, we all stand a bit taller. Not to mention we are in a much better mood for the day, we are more likely to reach out to someone for a coffee or a new biz connection, we treat those around us better, we are more energized to tackle our to-do list, more likely to speak up in an important meeting, more likely to turn that Zoom camera ON.

Instead of thinking or worrying about your outfit, you put that energy into showing up as your most authentic, confident self. When we feel good, we feel empowered and can do anything! Talk about impact!

What we wear changes how we feel, and in turn, changes how we behave and interact with the world.

If you are a friend, a parent, a boss, a partner, a co-worker, a leader… when you take action steps for your personal style, this directly affects the way you show up in all of those relationships. Therefore, personal style is self-love… and self-love is love for all.

That's why I firmly believe:

"Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it."

#5 Stylists give you permission to be 100% authentically YOU.

As little girls, we dream of the women we want to be. We watched the women around us that we admired and imagined what it would be like to become THAT woman someday. And honestly, as we grow older, this dream never really dies. We are all striving to be that highest version of ourselves. Whether it's to be a change-maker in this world, achieving a 6-figure salary, starting your own business, or becoming the best mom to your kids... we all have a vision for ourselves.

In every single case, we also have a pretty good idea of what that woman in our vision is wearing. Am I right?

When I ask my clients, "What style do you most admire or wish you could create for yourself?" They always have an answer! They (admittedly) know they can't - or don't want to/don't have time to - make that vision a reality on their own. Through a series of questions and working 1:1, I am able to help them name their unique personal style, and turn that style vision into a reality on a day-to-day basis.

One of my clients once told me they felt like they had lost their style "mojo," and amidst her work and personal responsibilities just didn't have the time to spend on it to get it back. "I really miss feeling like a super powerful badass when I start my day," she confessed. She felt off, and knowing her visibility at work was increasing, she knew getting this part of her life back in order would greatly impact her attitude, mood and performance. Can you relate? Giving that "mojo" back to her - and so many other women - is why I love what I do.

Are you ready to experience these ahhh-mazing benefits for yourself?

I'd love to work with you on defining your personal style, and creating a wardrobe that works for your life. Learn about my style services, including a Complete Style Transformations, one-time Mini Style Boards for when you need to look and feel your best for an event or special occasion, and Photo Shoot Styling.

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