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Style: The confidence boost you didn't know you needed.

Updated: May 31, 2022

I have a 10-year old daughter. She is definitely NOT into fashion. And by fashion, I mean, anything frilly or girly, dresses, cute tops, fancy shoes (she has exactly one pair or shoes: athletic sneakers). And definitely nothing impractical ("Why would I wear those shoes if I can't run in them?"). Give her some athleisure shorts and a tee and she's set.

She is often curious about what I am doing all day long (You should hear her try to explain to her classmates what I do! Let's just say it involves the terms, "some fashion thing"). Why do I take #OOTD photos, why am I posing like that, why do I look so happy all the time in my photos, why do I sound different when I talk on my IG stories, and why the heck anyone should care about what clothes they are wearing? They are just clothes, after all. Right?

If I'm completely honest, I've had to have a few reality checks of my own in this process of first starting my style blog and then starting my styling business, knowing that my sweet girl is looking at me to learn the way. To learn what's important and what's not important. And is it all really about gaining more likes on Instagram or buying more and more clothes?

And here's what I tell her about what I do: You know that feeling you get when you put on your favorite outfit? That feeling of being able to conquer the world? That floating on air feeling? (Sometimes she actually dances around in her new outfit.) That wave of energy you get when you get to wear it for the first time, and then every single time after that? (She nods her head yes.) That's what I do for women on a daily basis.

"Oh, so you make them feel good?" Essentially... yes.

Brain science has proven why we feel the way we do when we wear something we love; something that we feel good in. When we feel something, our brains activate and send chemicals throughout our bodies. When we feel good, good chemicals are sent through our body. And when we feel bad... you guessed it... bad chemicals are sent throughout our bodies. Leading to increased chances of depression and anxiety.

And so how does all of this brain science talk really relate to your daily life?

As it turns out, it impacts it in a big way. Research has shown that clothing has the power to impact our behavior, attitude, personality, mood, confidence, and interpersonal connections. That's why they say that on a bad day, when you aren't feeling the best, to put on bright colors, or an outfit you love and feel good in. It literally has the power to change your day.

On the days you feel good, you'll be more likely to show up (instead of make up an excuse for not coming), turn the Zoom camera ON, start a conversation, get everything on your to-do list done, ask your boss for that promotion or raise, reach out to a new business contact, call a friend, say or do something nice to your kids or partner.

And on a bad day when we aren't feeling good about ourselves? Well, watch out.

So you see, what we wear - and how we feel in what we wear - not only changes our day but it has a serious impact on those around us, too. That's what I call IMPACT.

Now, don't try to tell me you can't feel good in your body anymore, because you have gained weight or your arms aren't what they used to be, or because your knees have sagged or you don't like your stomach... You, too, can have these same euphoric feelings. Sometimes we just need an outside perspective to help us see ourselves in a new light. And right there is another thing I get the honor of doing for my clients: I help them see the beauty that I SEE, that THEY CAN'T SEE ... at least right now.

So back to my daughter's question: Why should anybody care about fashion or style?

Helping women buy clothes and take the stress out of shopping, detox their closet, give them creative ideas for how to wear their clothes is "WHAT" that I do. The "WHY" is that I help make women embrace this super-power that we all have to make their lives better in so many ways...

In the words of my clients:

"Ellie not only transformed my style, she transformed my confidence."

"... gave me an overall energy boost that was long overdue."

"Instead of dreading my trip to the closet each morning, I approach it with ease and effortlessness."

"She has encouraged and supported me and helped me love the body I have today... not the one that I 'hope to have one day.'"

"...made me feel like my best, most authentic me. "

"I walked on stage that day feeling like my truest, confident self."

"Everything you picked out looks and feels fabulous. I never would have picked any of these items because I would not have thought they would look good on me."

"... when I am wearing things I love, my creativity comes back to me, I light up and feel empowered."

So the next time you hear someone (or your partner!) talk about clothes or fashion as "something frivolous," you can kindly disagree. Because "Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it."

Are you ready to get your daily confidence boost?

I'd love to work with you on defining your personal style, having a closet full of only things that you love to wear, and know how to wear, boosting your confidence on the daily. Learn about my style services, including:

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Hi, I'm so glad you're here! I'm a Personal Virtual Stylist and owner of Style Decoded. I'm a Midwest born fashion lover on a mission to help women show up with more authenticity and alignment at work and in their businesses through their style, and feel 100% confident in their own skin every day. Styling is my passion but it hasn't always been my job. I spent 20 years of my career in client service, advertising, developing brands, blogging, podcasting, and creating marketing and social social strategies for my clients, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to individuals building their personal brand online. To say I know a thing or two about marketing and client service is an understatement! Now, I love teaching women how to define and own their unique personal brand through style.

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