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5 Stylist Secrets for an Effortlessly Cool Look

Do you ever wonder how some women look so effortlessly cool? Always pulled together and on point? Like they "just" walked out the door looking this way? So many women I talk to crave a style requires low effort, with high impact. But how do you actually pull it off?

I'll let you in on a little secret...

Nailing an effortlessly cool style isn't all that hard to do, once you know a few styling hacks. So today I'm sharing it all. Follow these little styling secrets and you'll be sure to have people wondering how you look so damn good all the time.

My 5 Styling Secrets for an effortlessly cool look...

#1 Wear your clothes multiple ways.

A common mistake I see women making is that they wear their clothes in only one way. Why is this a mistake, you ask? For one, you will get bored with your wardrobe pretty quickly. After you go through your cycle of outfits every week or two weeks, believe me, I bet you get pretty tired of that same blouse + skirt combo. And when you get tired of wearing the same thing over and over, you begin to believe you need more in your wardrobe. Well, my friends... this styling secret is going to save you a little moolah, because when you learn how to style your clothes in multiple ways, you don't get bored with your closet as easily. And then, you don't feel the need to go buy more clothes. Cha-ching! You see, I thought you'd like this one.

So how exactly do you do this? Well, for starters, you have to stop thinking of your clothes as outfits. Meaning, this blouse only pairs with this skirt or pants. Come up with alternate ways you could wear that blouse. For example: Could you wear it with a pair of jeans and sneakers on the weekend for a casual look? Or with jeans and some heels for a fun happy hour look? Could you tie it at the waist over a dress? Get creative!

Using my white pants pictured in the photo above as another example, I took a pair of white pants that I would consider to be dressy. But instead of labeling them as only "dressy" or "work" pants, I played around with how to wear them. Like adding sneakers and a tank for an unexpected, super casual weekend look. Or wearing a long-sleeved cropped shirt and flats for a sleek dinner look. Or sandals and a striped shirt tied at the waist for a perfect BBQ outfit.

And here comes the other bonus... to everyone else, it looks like you have a HUGE wardrobe. When in reality, you are just getting more use out of what you already own. You're welcome.

#2 Add the magical third piece.

In the styling world, there is something known as "third pieces." These "third pieces" are known to be the key ingredient to completing any outfit. They add a little something extra, achieving that "effortlessly cool" look I mentioned. The obvious "third piece" is a jacket of some sort... blazer, denim jacket, utility jacket, moto jacket, bomber jacket. You name it, any jacket qualifies. Sweaters or cardigans also fit the bill.

Not only do third pieces help add interest to any outfit, here's another thing I love about them: They can dress up, or dress down, any look. A third piece can take a simple casual dress and make it ultra cool and polished... like my favorite lately which is a cute little summer dress layered with a moto jacket.

Another personal favorite way to use the third piece is to elevate a pair of jeans and a tee with a blazer. (Or, as shown in the photo above, a pair of jean shorts + tank + blazer.) Instantly you are ready for a Friday casual work look.

Or how about taking a fancy dress and adding a denim jacket with sneakers for a completely chic weekend look.

So am I saying you have to add a layer to every single outfit you own? Nope... it's just a styling trick that works really well when it makes sense. But, there are other ways to elevate your look, which leads me to tip #3...

#3: Accessorize!

Ladies, here's the deal: If you're skipping the accessories in your outfits, you are missing out! This is seriously one of THE EASIEST ways to elevate any look. And it only adds a couple minutes to getting ready each morning.

Let's take a basic sweatshirt and jeans outfit (like in the photo above, far right). Pretty basic and boring, right? How about adding something unexpected, like a statement earring? I chose one that was really artful which speaks to who I am and where I came from. Now we've got an outfit with style!

Jewelry is the most obvious way to accessorize, and it is a great way to add both interest and personality to your outfits. Every day, I wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings (sometimes all four at once, but at least one without fail). I know many women collect jewelry on their travels that remind them of where they've been around the world, or have jewelry they have owned for years that have meaning. But it doesn't have to be a collectors item to make an outfit special. I have purchased jewelry for cents on the dollar at fast-fashion retailers or second hand stores, which are just as amazing as any collector piece.

So what else can you consider using to add that special something to your outfit? Belts are something many women overlook, and I find many women don't even own! Not only can belts be worn with pants or jeans or shorts, but also can be work over dresses to define your shape, belting your jacket (see my photo above), or to swap out a belt that came with the garment for a different look.

Other accessories to work into your outfit include:

  • Sunglasses (yep - if you're going to be outside, this is a part of your outfit!)

  • Headbands (a big favorite of mine right now!)

  • Scarfs (try tying it around your neck, wrist or bag)

  • Handbags

  • Shoes

#4 Mix high and low.

There is a misconception that in order to be stylish, you have to spend a lot of money or wear designer brands. That's just not true. I am living proof that style can happen at any price! That said, I am a huge believer in investing in certain pieces.

In order for me to invest more money into a piece of clothing or accessory, it has to meet one of two criteria:

  1. I'll wear this piece for years because it is a classic, foundational piece

  2. I love it so much and it's completely part of my personal style.

What are things I have invested more money into?

Leather Boots

Wool Coats




Jackets or Blazers





My wardrobe is also filled with completely affordable pieces, which I mix and match with my more expensive pieces. I have found some of my most adorned clothing, shoes or accessories from fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Target, Zara, or Amazon. I recently picked up a fantastic designer collab dress from Target, designed by Alexis, which I know will be a classic I wear for years. It's been really popular over the last few years for fast-fashion retailers to collab with designers and I always snag those pieces when I can.

#5 Unexpected combo's.

Here's the final secret to effortless style, ladies: unexpected combo's. What do I mean?

Think mixing casual with dressy.

Or edgy with feminine.

Fancy with plain.

Mixing patterns.

Achieving the unexpected is easier than you think. Take my favorite new Target designer collab dress. You might assume the best way to wear it is with a pair of strappy heels or sandals for a nice night out. But why not put it with a pair of sneakers instead? (Which I did!) This unexpected combination is a sure fire way to look effortlessly cool.

Here's a few more unexpected combo ideas:

  • Jeans with a fancy blouse

  • Moto jacket over a girly feminine dress

  • Sneakers with a dress or skirt (learn how to nail this right here...)

  • Jeans + basic tee + blazer + heels

  • Fancy skirt + tee

  • All denim + heels

You get the picture. Whatever you would normally think would go together, do the opposite!

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