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Are you covered? The undergarments you need for flawless Summer style

Be honest, have you avoided buying - or wearing - a certain style of clothing because you didn't have the right undergarments? Or, have you worn something knowing that you didn't have the right undergarment, and tried to pull it off anyway? Believe me, we all have.

One of the most important parts of your summer wardrobe is your undergarments, yet it's often something we overlook when shopping or getting dressed. As a stylist, I know that summer style hinges on good undergarments! After all, undergarments can truly make - or break - your summer outfits. Getting educated about which undergarments go best with certain styles and stocking up on each kind will ensure that you never have to pass up an outfit you love ever again.

First up... Bras!


1. Convertible: I love convertible bras because they can be worn as a normal bra (read: comfy!), but then transformed into other shapes to work for different styles. The convertible bras that I own have straps that can be crossed in back, which is perfect for my racerback tops or dresses. Some convertible bras have removable straps and can be worn as a strapless.

2. Demi-cut: Do you love the square necklines that are so popular? If you love to show off your shoulders or collarbone area, these tops perfectly frame that part of your body. But what many women don't consider when buying these styles is that because of the low and wide neckline, you can't wear a full coverage bra. The top of the bra will likely show. And in some cases, the straps will peek out the sides, too, as the cut of the neckline is so wide. A demi style cup is a much better choice. Plus, a demi cup gives your girls juuuust the right boost to look beautiful with these tops.

Note that in some cases, you may need to wear a strapless so you don't see the straps. In fact, that is what I ended up wearing in this photo blow. And if you look close enough, you can see my bra strap peeking out the side of my shirt.

3. Deep V & Plunge: If you love a plunging or V-neckline, a deep V bra needs to be in your repertoire! Here again, a full coverage cup is going to show with deep V's, so stick with a bra that cuts very low and lifts the girls from the side and bottom. For even deeper cut necklines, look for a plunging style, which sits below your breastbone.

4. Strapless: For years, I thought strapless were a pain (literally) and would leave me with bruise marks because of the wires and I counted the hours until I could take it off. But because I love strapless and spaghetti strap styles in the summer, I needed one, and I suffered. I know other women struggle with strapless, too. For example, women with large breasts worry about it slipping off or not supporting them well enough. That all changed after I got fit professionally. After I found the right fit, I love my strapless as much as my regular bras! I highly recommend you go to a professional bra fitter to find just the right fit for you, as well. Locals in Omaha, schedule a fitting appointment at Truly U Bra Boutique. They are the best! (more on that below)

5. Pretty lace detail: Muscle tee style shirts like the one in the photo below can have large arm openings. On the days I wear those shirts, I pick a bra strategically that has pretty lace details on the side, making it seem like a pretty cami underneath. In the case of my red shirt below, I opted for a pretty black lace bra.

6. Pasties & Backless: Open backs are a HUGE trend this Summer. Not a perfect B cup size? I hear you... I'm not going braless, either! But you don’t have to go bare on this one thanks to so may amazing options out there now that provide great support - no matter your size. There are many backless options (great for a permanent option you will wear over and over), as well as temporary pastie options if you are looking to wear them just for one night.

My final (and most important) pro tip on bras...

DO a professional bra fitting.

This is a necessity, ladies. I don’t recommend specific bras or brands for a reason. The brands and styles that work best for your girls are completely custom to YOU, and what you like to wear. The best thing I ever did was to do a custom bra fitting. It was the biggest confidence boost I've ever had in my life, after feeling self-conscious about being smaller chested and feeling like I had no options for certain styles. I realized I was wearing the wrong sizes and it was doing my girls and my confidence no favors. After my fitting, I immediately trashed all my ill-fitting, uncomfortable, unflattering bras and never looked back.

Omaha area locals: Make an appointment at Truly U bra boutique PRONTO! Their customer service and options are top-notch. Tell Kelly Rocha I sent you!

My Thoughts on Panties

1. When wearing white clothing, go nude instead of white. Finding nude panties that are close in tone to your natural skin is best.

2. In place of thongs, consider no show options. It took me a while to realize that you don't have to wear thongs to get a seamless look with your white or tighter-fitting clothing. Some of my favorite panties at the moment that stay in place and don't show lines are the Soma Intimates vanishing edge panties. They are more comfortable to wear all day, come in a rainbow colors and fun patterns, and are better for your health than thongs! (Bye, bye, UTI’s!)

3. If you must wear a thong... In some cases, a thong is required, so it's worth having one or two stocked in your undergarments drawer. I try to avoid them most of the time, but if you are wearing white pants or dresses that are thin or unlined, or body-hugging jeans that show everything, you may want to opt for a thong. My favorite brand right now is Simone Pérèle tanga style panties. This pair is particularly soft and comfy, and ultra sexy. Win win!

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