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7 Tips for Nailing White Outfits this Summer

There's nothing more iconic than white when it comes to Summer style. The crisp, pure, clean look just feels so right on a warm summer day, right?

But have you ever wondered how to pull it all together without looking blah?

Do you fear white denim?

What about mixing shades of white?

And what are the rules, anyway?

I got you! Follow these 7 tips for creating the best white summer outfits and you can't go wrong!

#1 DO mix white with neutrals.

No one said you have to go ALL white. Mixing other earthy tones (like this buttery brown shade below) alongside your white pieces still gives you a light, clean look.

#2 DO break up the look with denim.

Not sure you can rock all white? No problem. Just add a denim jacket. And…. Done!

#3 DO wear different shades of white together.

Beige, cream, light grays, taupes… any of these can be worn together with white. Yes, you heard me right! Throw out the idea that your whites have to match. Having the colors slightly mis-match is actually better and more modern way to create an all-white look.

#4 DO use accessories to mix things up.

Accessories are KEY to making a white outfit work. You really can't go wrong with what you choose. Follow your personal style. If you love color and making a statement, add a pop of color in your shoe, bag, belt, scarf, etc. Or, go with neutral tones if you like a more subdued look. (Have you ever thought of adding a belt to a white dress?!) Belts, jewelry, headbands, shoes, scarves, and bags are all great options to play with.

#5 DO mix white with patterns in light tones.

Yes - you can wear patterns and still achieve that all white look. Stripes, florals, animal prints in lighter shades with white as the dominant color are great options!

#6 DO go for nearly 100% cotton denim, with little stretch.

If you fear white denim, listen up! The thicker, more rigid the denim (aka, more cotton content), the less see-through they will be. Plus, too much stretch will hug your body tight, showing all the bumps and lumps, which no one wants. Look for denim with 98% or more cotton. Trust me on this one!

#7 Do keep things simple.

Don't over think it! I like to look for white pieces with nice design elements to help the piece really stand on it's own. White dresses or jumpsuits are the easiest option for those who love simplicity. Want a super on-trend casual (and comfy!) look for the summer? Pair a simple tee with wide-leg pants and sneaker or sandals, as I did above.

Still feeling uneasy about creating your own white outfit?

Ask for expert help! I'd love to work with you on defining your personal style, building a wardrobe that works for your life, and creating endless outfits that you can wear no matter where you need to go. Learn about my style services, including a Complete Style Transformations, one-time Mini Style Boards for when you need to look and feel your best for an event or special occasion, and Photo Shoot Styling.

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