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Self-Care Week: Move Your Body!

This week, in a time when we are undoubtedly at our most stressed and busy with the upcoming holidays, I’m going to be talking all about self-care. And for me, the top of that list is physical movement.

I move my body every day. Personally, I’m a morning at-home workout kind of girl because my husband travels often for work (except during this pandemic, of course!) and I needed to be home with the kids. Waking up before the kids is a way to give myself some uninterrupted space and time for thinking... or not thinking!

It is my sacred time.

My me time.

My time for zero interruptions.

My time to not think about my to-do list.

My time to get an energy jolt for the day.

My time to get strong.

My time to get in the right mindset for my day.

And during the holidays, keeping up with my routine (even when it’s inconvenient) is so important for me mentally - as well as physically.

To keep things interesting, I mix up my workouts. But the ones that I love the most and produce the best results for me include:

Physique 57 Barre: I used 5 of their DVD’s for years (ranging from 30-minute express workouts to the full 57 minute workout) and finally this year signed up for the monthly on-demand subscription. (A steal at only $20 a month!) I adore this workout for the results it gives me, and love all the variety! In their on-demand app, you can choose anything from a 5-minute workout to their classic 57 minute workout - and also choose your intensity (beginner - advanced). You can expect to notice results after just 8 workouts. I noticed toning of my butt, my thighs, abs and arms right away! You can also find other types of workouts to mix it up, like dance cardio and HIIT. Bonus: I love that I can take it with me when I travel. They have many workouts that require zero equipment.

Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis Series: I always look ridiculous doing this workout, but it does an amazing job of leaning me out! The metamorphosis program is a 1-year program, that includes a 30-minute mat workout + a 30 minute dance cardio. If you buy the series, the workout changes every 10 days so that your muscles don't get in a rut. I'm not going to lie... the mat workouts are HARD! And (sorry, Tracy!) but the cueing is really horrible. Once you get the hang of it, though, it does get easier. The point is high repetition so you feel like your legs may fall off at some points - but it's also where the magic really happens! Sometimes I do only the mat portion and sometimes I do the dance cardio, as well. I love that you can choose to target a “problem” area. For me, I’m Hipcentric, which targets my hip/butt area. But you can also choose from Omnicentric, Glutecentric and Abcentric. I did this full workout exclusively for a year after having Graham, and it toned me up and leaned me out so quickly. Now, I do it a couple days a week. Also, if you are pregnant or post-partum, she has a fantastic workout that caters to your changing body. I did both of these workouts when I was pregnant with my kids and for 8 weeks following.

MyYogaWorks Vinyasa yoga: There is nothing like a vigorous flow to work out all the kinks in my body and to get my mind off of everything else. While this subscription offers a range of yoga styles and caters to all levels, I personally love vinyasa yoga. And it's only $15/month! I do yoga at least one day a week, sometimes more. Ironically, my favorite part is the minute or two of shavasana at the end. (Hard to imagine for this go-go-go task-oriented girl!) It's is an amazing way to set my intention for the day. This app is another favorite to take on the road with me.

What is your favorite way to move your body? What works best for you?

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