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Summer 2021 Trends: To Wear or Not to Wear

To wear or not wear trends... That is the question. To pay no attention to trends. Or to chase them relentlessly. Or somewhere in between?

I think there is a misconception among women that in order to be stylish, you have to follow trends. But that's just not the case. In fact, there are many style icons that share the same sentiment...

"I'm for style. Fashions change too quickly." - Coco Chanel

"I don't like trends. They tend to make everybody look the same." - Carolina Herrera

"In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic." - Iman

On the flip side, there are some who feel like trends can be used wisely to enhance your current style...

"Trends are just another accessory for a girl who's got great style." - Cara Newhart

So which is it? Follow trends out of fear you'll look outdated or stick to the classics and stay unchanged?

How on earth are you supposed to know what's right?

Here's what I say: There is absolutely nothing wrong with adopting trends. You can have great style either way you go. Follow the trends you love, and leave the rest behind.

Yes, it's really that simple. Not all trends are bad. Not all trends are good. Some will last, and others will fade.

Personally, I love incorporating some trends into my style. I love the creativity that trends can bring to your wardrobe. On top of that, I love trying new things. Some trends are a total failure, and others an amazing winner... but I don't know until I try.

If you're still not sure which way to go on a particular trend, ask yourself these questions:

1. Does this fit my personal style?

Having a keen sense of your unique, personal style will be your first indicator whether a trend is going to be for you. For example, bubblegum pink is a huge trend this summer, but if it's not a color you love wearing or doesn't work with your skin tone, then leave it alone! Or how about puff sleeves? For me, I love that they add a feminine, dramatic touch (Feminine and Bold are two of my style words) and it also balances out my straight shape, creating curves. So for me, it's a win-win! For your body type, it may not be.

Not sure what your personal style is, or if you even have one?

Check out this blog for a simple exercise to help you define your personal style words!

2. Does it work for my body type?

This is a big one, ladies! Not every trend is going to work for every body - and that's ok! Just because a style is trending doesn't mean you should automatically adopt it if it's the complete wrong shape for your body! For example, loose-fitting straight jeans and baggy jeans are a huge trend right now. However, looser styles aren't great for everyone. Just because Gen Z has written off skinny jeans has no bearing on your wardrobe choices. If skinnies work for your body, keep them in your wardrobe.

A word of caution before you write them off completely: not all straight jeans or baggy jeans are created equal. There are tons of varieties and the first pair you try on may not work, but it doesn't mean there isn't a pair that will work for you. So... try not to write them off immediately! (Or, hire a stylist (hint hint... that's me!) who can help you find the exact right pair for your body!)

Do you know your body type?

After taking measurements, many women are surprised to know their body type isn't what they thought. Read here to learn how to take your measurements and find out which of the 5 body types is yours!

3. Do I love it?

This question is somewhat related to #1 and identifying your personal style, but the key here is to check in with yourself and your motivations. Are you adopting a trend because you really love it - or are you doing it just to be fashionable, or to fit in with a crowd, or because someone convinced you that you should love it. Always check with your gut. It never lies.

As you're deciding on trends, here's a few more things to consider:

1. How much should I spend?

In general, I guide women to invest their money in quality, foundational, classic wardrobe pieces that can be in their wardrobe for years. Whereas with trends, if you decide you want to try one, I don't generally advise spending a lot of money. Why? Because that item may not last longer than a season. And once that trend goes away, you won't even be able to get your money back on resale.

Retailers I love to follow for trendy items at a good price include H&M, Zara, ASOS, Target and Mango.

2. Will I look tacky if I follow trends?

No, not necessarily. That said, if your style changes every time trends change, my answer may be yes. I am a firm believer that style is deeply personal and unique to you. So if your style shifts alongside every trend, it gets hard to determine what your style even is. Also remember that style is a way to say who you are without saying a word. It's an expression to the world about who you are. Every time you get dressed, you are asserting a part of yourself to the world. Always follows what feels 100% like you - whether that involves trends or not.

I love these quotes from some wise style icons...

"Always have fun with fashion. Dress to please yourself." - Betsey Johnson

"Be who you are. Not who the world wants you to be." - Coco Chanel

" I never buy what someone says is "in" or a "must-have." I buy what makes me happy. - Iris Apfel

8 Spring/Summer 2021 Trends

For those of you who are dying to know what's in for Summer 2021, here are 8 notable ones you are going to be seeing everywhere in stores and on style influencers...

1. Puff sleeve

Puff sleeves are still going strong from last year, and I'm here for it! This summer, any dramatic shoulder is in. Remember that not all puff sleeves are created equal. If you are looking to downplay your upper half, you can choose a smaller puff sleeve detail on the shoulder instead of a big dramatic one.

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for puff sleeve tees right here, and puff sleeve dresses here, or click the image below.

2. Maxis to the Max!

Perhaps the most logical and comfortable transition from our sweatpants is to wear an oversized, billowy maxi dress! Yes, please! We are seeing dresses with lots of volume and also in brighter, bolder colors and patterns. We are done with hiding in our houses... when we get out tehre again, we are going to make a statement! Maybe these bright, colorful and bold dresses are a nod to our feelings about things opening up after the pandemic again, or we are just sick and tired of our drab yoga pants and sweatshirts. Either way, now is the time to go big or go home. Whether you love the punch of color, want some volume with big skirts or sleeves, or are ready to rock a bold print, this season will give you lots of chances to make a statement.

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for bold maxis here, or click the image below.

3. Cut-outs

This summer is all about showing a little - or a lot - of skin. Before you write this one off completely, this trend can be really sexy without baring it all. Cut-out details at the neck or side are ultra-flattering, even with just a peek of skin showing. You're going to find lots of summer dress styles with open backs, so get out those pasties, ladies!

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for cut-outs and open back styles here, or click the image below.

4. Loose denim

If you're still angry about Gen Z knocking your skinnies, hear me out. Not all loose denim is going to make you look like an oversized sack. Trust me! Some can actually be really flattering, like the straight leg options out there. And, don't forget that wide-leg denim is also part of this trend. And, no matter your height, these will make your legs look a mile long!

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for loose denim here, or click the image below.

5. Co-ord sets

Following the still popular monochromatic trends from this year, matchy-matchy is all the rage! Whether it's a top + skirt or top + pants or shorts, matching is the way to go! Wear these for a twist on a summer wedding or use them as a cover up at the beach.

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for matching sets right here, or click the image below.

6. Pink

Pink - specifically bubblegum pink or Barbie pink - is majorly in this Spring and Summer. If this is your color - you're in luck! If pink is definitely not your go-to color but you want to try the trend, my advice is to try it in smaller doses, like a belt, bag or shoe.

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for all things pink here, or click the image below.

7. Crochet

Grandma's doily or super chic? I'll let you decide! But I have to admit, I love a sweater tank in the summer, and this trend fits the bill perfectly!

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for crochet clothes and accessories here, or click the image below.

8. Minis

Petite friends and those who love to show a little leg - Rejoice!! Minis are back and in full force this Summer. Whether you love an easy, breezy, billowy style perfect for walking the beach, or a flirty skirt for a sexy night out with your partner, you have plenty of styles to pick from this season. Go patterned and bright, or classic with black or white. But please... always remember my rule for the most chic look: the shorter the hemline, the lower the heel.

Try this trend! Shop my top picks for mini dresses and skirts here, or click the image below.

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