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TRANSITION TO FALL: Summer Dresses & Skirts

Now that it's officially Fall, I want to help you get the most out of your wardrobe as I'm a big believer in wearing most of my clothes year-round (yep - you heard that right!). If you're into capsule wardrobes, this is definitely something you want to start doing more of. One of the things I commonly do for my own wardrobe and that of my clients' is take the pieces that I love wearing in the summer and transition them into the fall.

So first up we're going to talk about your beautiful summer dresses and summer skirts that can absolutely be worn into fall. There's three rules I'm going to cover if you want to nail this look.

Rule #1: Pair it with Fall Colors

Let me back up and say that any of your summer skirts or dresses - even if they are pastel colors - can be brought into fall. (Case in point - my bright yellow slip dress and pale pink slip skirt in the image below) Today as I'm writing this, I'm wearing my pale pink satin skirt paired with a mock neck turtleneck and moto jacket. So how do you pull this off? Ground it with a darker color, a fall color. You can do anything from black to browns, taupes, beautiful fall colors, like burgundy, dark greens, rust, or mustard hues. I even paired my yellow slip dress with an off-white sweatshirt (see below).These fall colors are they key to pulling that look together for fall. So color is one thing to think about.

Rule #2: Add a Fall Layer

The second thing to do is add a fall layer. Here in the Midwest where I live, it's already starting to turn cool, so I can wear a heavier layer like a leather or suede Moto jacket. But maybe where you're at, it's still warm. Even in warmer climates, (and if you're indoors in the AC!) you can still wear a lightweight cardigan or sweater. Again - remember rule #1 and choose a fall or dark earthy color. Great fall layers include: denim jackets, leather Moto jackets, suede jackets, blazers (tweed or plaid for the bonus points!), heavy or light sweaters, and sweatshirts. These are all amazing layers to add to your either your dress or your skirt for fall.

Rule #3: Get rid of your sandals and pick a Fall shoe

The third rule for transitioning your dresses and skirts to fall is adding a shoe that is more appropriate for fall. Get rid of those sandals and add tall boots, booties, sneakers (a fav for working from home!), combat boots, mules. Now I'm not going to say you cannot ever wear sandals, because I've seen some pretty amazing fall looks with sandals. But if you want the easy route for making this fall outfit work, stick to the shoe choices mentioned above. Any of these shoe options are going to help pull that look together and make it feel more like fall.

So give yourself a challenge, get creative and try creating a fall outfit with your summer dress or skirt this week. I think you're going to love it!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have questions!

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