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When you feel good, you do good

Why Style Still Matters & the Brain Science Behind What You Wear

Last week, I declared it the Week of Impact. (See all the daily challenges here on Instagram) It was inspired by Valentine's Day, but with a twist. I wanted to celebrate the most important relationship we will ever have: Ourselves!

Somehow, that message of self-love gets lost on Valentine's day, doesn't it?

Instead, we spend time and energy and money to make others happy. I say, it's time to make ourselves happy and bring joy into our own lives.

To bring this to life, I challenged you to a simple 5-minute task every day. Something easy that every single one of us can do. Something we don't often think to do or push aside as unimportant. I know that when you take time for yourself, even 5 minutes, it makes a difference for you (obviously!) - AND for those around you.

That's what I call impact!

In my years working with women and their style, I have seen proof of this mantra:

When you FEEL good, you DO good.

Even brain science proves it! Here's what happens: When we have a feeling, it sends chemicals throughout our body. So then, when we have a good feeling, our brain activates and good chemicals flood our body. And when we have a bad feeling, bad chemicals flood throughout our body, in worst cases leading to increases chances of depression and anxiety. The crazy thing is, these feelings change the chemical makeup of our body!

So how does this play out on an average morning when you're getting ready for work or for the day? Imagine you put on an outfit that you didn't particularly love. Maybe it what happened to be clean that day, maybe it was the first thing you saw on top of the pile, or just what seemed easy for the day. Maybe it was the 4th thing you tried on, because nothing else fit you, or felt right. In this case, you have a bad feeling, a blah feeling, a frustrated feeling, And so, your brain activates and sends these bad chemicals throughout your body.

How do you think your day will go with this kind of a start? You guessed it... not good. Maybe you are short with your husband or kids or a friend. Maybe you turn OFF that Zoom camera for the day, or cancel meetings last minute. Maybe you decide to not reach out to a friend or new business contact. In short, you don't show up in the biggest, brightest way. Instead, you hide, you shrink, you feel blah.

Now let's reverse this situation. You wake up and know exactly what you are going to wear. It's an outfit you love wearing, that fits just right and feel so .... YOU. Maybe it's your favorite color. This time, when you look in the mirror, you admire what you see. You feel confident and empowered and a little extra boost of energy. This good feeling triggers your brain to activate and send good chemicals throughout your body, giving you those good vibes.

Now how does your day go? You greet your husband or partner with more energy and enthusiasm than normal. You have more patience with your kids. You decide to call up a friend to meet up for lunch. You reach out to that new business contact you've been wanting to connect with. You not only turn your Zoom camera ON in your meetings, but you add to the conversation and speak up.

Are you getting the picture? Have you ever felt this difference between a good outfit day, and a bad one?

Style, and what you wear, isn't some frivolous part of your day. It's so much more than fashion trends, the runway, designer labels, how much you spend or what size you are. As you're learning, it's an incredibly impactful part of your day because what you wear changes how you feel. It's a choice that sets the tone for the day, leading either to success and engagement, or cause you to shrink and be less than your potential.

It's why I like to say, 'I'm nicer when I like my outfit."

And now you know with certainty that this statement isn't just funny, it's true.

Even though the Week of Impact is over, I encourage you to go back and do the challenges this coming week! Trust me, you'll love the feelings you get as a result. Find all the challenges here!

Week of Impact Challenge

For those of you who are ready to capture this magic of feeling good every day, having a smart closet that works for you - and lights you up is the way to make it happen, especially with some expert guidance from yours truly. Learn more about my signature Style Transformation program to see if it's right for you.

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