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Fresh Outfit Ideas for November

Fall has just begun, but how many of you are you already tired of pulling out the same outfit every day? I know a lot of women tell me they get stuck into a rut of jeans + sweater + boots. Or, the cardigan + tee + jeans+ sneakers combo. And since we're still in the thick of a global pandemic where we are confined to our houses most of the time, we might as well add sweatpants + sweatshirts to the list of outfits we are getting really tired of.

"What else can I wear to mix things up?" you ask?

Believe me, I am full of new ideas for you!

But before we get there, let me just say that if you're feeling in a funk, low on energy, short with people around you, or just not motivated because of everything going on, what you choose to wear every day can be a huge game changer for you!

Did you know that how we feel in our clothes can have a huge impact on our day?

Yep! Even science even backs it up. When we put on something that makes us feel good, our brain activates and sends good chemicals throughout our bodies. When we put on something that we don't love or don't feel good in, you guessed it - our brain sends bad chemicals throughout our body. Hmmmm... is this all adding up for you now? Are you starting to wonder why on some days you feel less productive or energetic or moody? Is it possible it is tied to your clothing choice?

I am no expert, but it is mind blowing to me that what we wear can impact our behavior, our attitude, our personality, mood, confidence and even interpersonal connections. Wowza. Talk about a reality check!

So in the spirit of giving ourselves a fighting chance each day, let's kick off November with some fresh outfit inspiration! Keep reading for outfit ideas you may not have thought of, and how to pull it all together with items I bet you already have in your closet.

Outfit Idea #1

Plaid Pants + Button-up + Sneakers + (Moto Jacket optional)

One of the ways you can mix up an outfit instantly is by replacing your standard pair of jeans with a pair of plaid pants! I picked these up last year from Zara and love the slim fit of them, but any plaid pant you have will do! There are plenty of plaid pants on the market right now if you've looking to snag a pair.

I've paired mine with a classic white shirt with a special button back (Madewell still sells this exact shirt here!) that you can leave unbuttoned a few buttons for an extra cool vibe. Then, I added my favorite pair of white Puma sneakers, and topped it with a classic vegan leather Moto jacket. (Check out my favorite Moto jacket picks here.) The Moto jacket is completely optional, depending on your personal style and taste. In fact, I've worn this exact outfit with a jean jacket instead. A longer style cardigan sweater would also work.

Outfit Idea #2

Midi or Maxi Dress + Sweater

I love, love, love wearing my dresses right into Fall and Winter! I encourage you to keep yours out and use them to mix up your looks this November. Worried about getting cold? Add layers like tights or a turtleneck base to keep you extra warm and toasty. The key with this look is to pick a sweater that is already cropped or at least at hip length. If you have a longer sweater (like the cream sweatshirt in the photo above), add a belt around your waist and do a half tuck into the belt to get some definition at your waistline. (Note: the belt doesn't show unless you want it to!)

As you can see in the photo above, you can pick the shoe that suits your style and mood. I wore tall boots with warm layering tights one day that was particularly cold here in Omaha. You can also go with a short ankle booties or the ultimate in comfort, your sneakers!

Outfit Idea #3

Cardigan Sweater + Jeans

I love the simplicity of this idea. All you do is take your favorite cardigan (a cropped style or hip length cardigan works best), button it up and wear it as a shirt! Voila! It's the easiest twist on the jeans + sweater outfit you will find!

Don't have a short cardigan? Button up a long cardigan and belt it! You may need to add a cami if it's a deep v-neck.

Want something a little more special and unique? Wear your cardigan backwards. Yes, backwards! The button back is so flattering.

Outfit Idea #4

Denim on Denim

If you've read my earlier post about nailing the denim on denim look, you know I'm a big fan! It's such an easy and cool look that can be dressed up for your zoom calls (think: add a blazer), or dressed down (add a cardigan or wrap). Either way you're going to be comfy. The biggest tip I have is to make sure there is at least a slight variance in the colors of the denim, which you'll see in the photo above. Read all my tips on how to nail the denim-on-denim look here in this blog post.

Outfit Idea #5

Midi Skirt + Sweatshirt + Booties

This is a really similar look to outfit idea #2, except you're working with a midi skirt instead of a dress. I own several skirts (mostly midi length!) that I love to wear in the Fall and Winter. Some are pleated, some satin biased cut, some solid color, some patterned. All can work in this outfit combo!

You won't be surprised that I recommend doing the half tuck for this look. Without the tuck, you run the risk of losing your shape completely. (um, no thank you!) Your shoe choice can be a tall or short ankle boot, or you can even do sneakers if you want ultra comfort!

Outfit Idea #6

Feminine Blouse + Jacket + Jeans

Pitch that sweater or sweatshirt for a pretty blouse! You can wear it alone with your jeans, or add a jacket - like a Moto jacket, field or utility jacket, blazer, or denim jacket - to top off the look. I especially love a suede moto jacket for fall, and how effortlessly it balances out the femininity of the blouse for an extra cool vibe.

Outfit Idea #7

Knit or Sweater Dress + Sneakers

Knit clothing is everywhere right now and a major trend for this Fall and Winter. It's no surprise since so many of us are working from home and looking for ultra comfort while still looking chic. Enter, the knit or sweater dress! There are so many ways to style this. Here's some things to consider.

  1. Wear it on it's own. I personally love adding a belt to give you some shape. Many of the sweater dresses can be oversized or baggy, and leave you looking frumpy.

  2. Add a layer of your choice! As you can see here, I've paired it with a belted jean jacket. I've always worn this exact dress with a blazer, a sweater, a buttonup tied at the waist, and a Moto jacket. I love adding a layer to stay warm on the cold days.

  3. Dress it up or down with shoes. Feeling in a cozy mood and want ultra comfort? Pair your knit dress with your favorite sneakers. Want something a big more dressed up? Choose tall boots or ankle boots.

Here's more pictures to get your creative juices flowing...

Outfit Idea #8

Turtleneck + Jeans + (Jacket - optional)

It doesn't get more classic than this! A turtleneck and jeans is one of the most chic, timeless outfits you can wear in the Fall and Winter. Stick with black or gray for a minimal look, or go for a pop of color for a bit more fun! I love booties with this look to pull it all together. If you want a bit more of an edge, or you want to stay warmer, add a layer, like I did in the photo above with the addition of a Moto jacket.

I hope this has kickstarted some new ideas for you and that you feel empowered to try some of them out! Please leave me a comment below with any feedback or questions. I'd love to hear from you!

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