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I had my colors done, and this is what surprised me

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Last weekend, I got my results back from a professional custom color analysis; my first! I wanted to try out this service for myself as it's something I am planning to incorporate into my styling packages for my clients this year. I'm happy to report that I am a "Calm Autumn." (scroll to see my 35 best colors) This was no surprise to me, as I've always known my skin is warm-toned, and as my wardrobe has continued to evolve, I find myself leaning into richer, warmer, saturated colors, and moving away from paler shades, as well as blacks.

Color report created by Color Guru

Here's what I learned

This process was affirming for me, as many of the colors I already knew were good colors on me. And my wardrobe is filled with these amazing colors already. (Woo hoo!) Black is not my color: no surprise. Being in the warm family, my recommended neutral go-to’s are camel, ivory or khaki tones. I realized that I have very little purple in my wardrobe, and I’m excited to add more, as lavender has always been a favorite color of mine. I also have almost no teal blue tones, except for one summer dress that I snagged this past year, and adored. (Now I know why!)

I also really loved this second color card they provided, similar to the first one with the color names on it, but this one was called my Mood Colors. (see below) You'll see that on this card, they have identified 5 of my colors which evoke a certain mood: Signature, Energizing, Playful, Powerful, and Soothing. I was floored when I saw these moods because undoubtedly, when I'm wearing that orangey-red color, I DO feel more playful. I can think of two pieces in my closet that are that color and always evoke a major happy vibe. And I've long said that blue feels so powerful to me. I also have several pieces in my "signature" color which has always made me feel so warm and radiant. (Ironically, I discovered that color just a few years ago!) Mostly, I love that I had already been feeling these connections between color and my mood even before I got my official results. Being aware of how colors affect your mood is something I have been talking to my clients about for years.

Here's what I wasn't expecting

After I got my results, I became sort of obsessed with my colors. Not just a little, a lot obsessed. If you've had your colors done professionally, then maybe you can relate. I immediately went into my closet and started holding the card up to my clothes.

Which ones matched my card, and which didn't?

Is that why I always love wearing that sweater?

And is that why that shirt never felt "right?"

I need to start looking for some tops in that color!

Later that day, as I was doing some online shopping, I couldn't help but only look at pieces that were in my color palette. It was as if all other filters had been turned off, and now, I was only seeing clothes through the filter of color. If I came across something I loved, I'd cross-check it with my color card. If it didn't match exactly, I moved on.

Right then and there it hit me: I see how getting your colors done can be both a blessing (mostly) and a curse (somewhat). On one hand, it's an amazing tool to guide you on what colors look best on your skin. It gives you more information that can make shopping easier. And, it can help you feel and look more radiant on the day to day. I mean, clearly there is enough value in this service for me to want to add it to my client packages this year!

On the other hand, it can be easy to let things get out of control. To obsess over your colors. To get too narrowly focused and extreme. (Such as removing anything from your closet that doesn't match up with your card, or never buying another item that isn't a match to your colors.)

Getting your colors done professionally should be thought of as one tool in your toolkit when it comes to getting dressed and feeling good.

Think of it as one piece of the puzzle that creates a beautiful wardrobe that both flatters you AND makes you feel beautiful and confident on the inside, too. Does it mean I should eliminate all black from my wardrobe? No. In fact, I wholeheartedly intend to keep my black things. And, I plan to buy colors outside of my color wheel, too, if I really love it. (Another rule of mine for whether or not to buy something.)

A little trick I learned about wearing colors that are not our best colors is to keep them farther away from your face. For example, if I plan to wear a black top or blazer, I can add a color from my wheelhouse in the form of a headband, scarf, accessory, or shirt that can light me up. This also means there is absolutely zero problem with wearing black shoes, pants or handbags. And, I can buy a neon yellow accessory, like a handbag or belt, if I want to.

Also remember, there may be colors on your "best colors" card that you absolutely hate. You don't need to start wearing a certain color just because your color card says so. Personally, I love color and have since I was a little girl watching my mom paint and teach me about colors. So for me, playing around with all of these colors is going to be fun and expansive and creative. For you, certain colors may not speak to what you like, and that's ok. Again, it's a guide. A new piece of information that you can take or leave. I recommend that you start to pay attention to how certain colors make you feel. It has been said that,

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." - Wassily Kandinsky

And I believe it! Colors have power, on you - and those around you. Never once has wearing a red lip failed to energize my day and make me feel like a boss!

Having my colors done has reinforced a need to include a professional color analysis in my styling packages for this reason: I want to be able to help women reach their full potential of looking and feeling their best. Wearing your best colors is part of that, as is discovering and owning your unique personal style, and knowing how to dress your unique body type in a way that feels empowering. When all of these things are working together, nothing can stop you.

Tell me in the comments: Have you had your colors done? What was surprising (or not surprising) to you?

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