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Jean + Boot Combos: I'm breaking it down for you.

Ok ladies, if you've ever put on a pair of jeans and struggled with what boots to pair with it, you're not alone. So many choices and considerations, right? Do you tuck or roll? Go with a tall boot or short boot? Is it OK to show ankle or not? Lucky for you, I'm breaking it all down right here - the DO's and DONT's of jean + boot pairing. Trust me, follow these rules and you'll nail it every time!

Combo #1: Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots

The skinny jean and ankle bootie combo is a favorite this fall , and has been for a couple of years. Here's a few tips to remember: If your jeans fall above your ankle boot: you’re all set! No need to do anything. And I know your next question will be: "Is it ok if my ankle shows?" Absolutely! I personally love showing juuuuust a little bit of ankle.

If your jeans are longer and fall below your boot, you have two options: 1) Tuck then in. If you do this, make sure your jeans are more of a legging style and your boot opening is a little wider. 2) Do a roll or two so the jeans are above or right at the top of your boot (my personal fav!).

A major boot trend this fall is combat boots. Nineties grunge loving girls... celebrate! I am seeing legging style jeans paired with combat boots all over. It's a super cool trend that I love for the fall. If you do this, choose a top that is oversized or roomy (think oversized sweatshirt or sweater that's slouchy, or a blazer or coat that is longer) for the ultimate cool girl look.

Combo #2: Skinny Jeans + Tall Boots

Alright, where are my tall boot ladies?! The key to nailing this combo and achieving the ultimate cool effortless look we all crave is to make sure your jeans are tight, or legging style. No saggy or baggy or boyfriend styles here!

To elongate your legs (who doesn't want that!?) match your boot to your pants (i.e. black jeans + black boots) so there is one long line from waist to toe.

To make your look totally on point, pair a longer layer on top (like a longer jacker or blazer, or a roomy oversized sweater). If you go tight and fitted on top, it will throw off the balance of the outfit.

Combo #3: Straight/Slim Leg Jeans + Short Boots

Straight leg jeans came into the picture last year and I am so thrilled they are here to stay again this year! I love the way they give you that cool vintage, 90's supermodel look, even if in reality, you're still toting your kids around in the minivan! Many women tend to put these shorter, ankle length jeans away after summer, but hold on! They are actually really amazing for fall and winter styling. The perfect all year round jean if you ask me!

Most of the straight leg jeans out there are cropped and slightly wider at the leg opening, which means it will go over your ankle boots really easily. In this case, you're all set! No adjustments needed. If your ankle shows a bit between your boot and jean leg opening, no biggie. It's ok to let it show.

If your jeans are a longer length and running into your boot: give it a roll or two and show off that boot!

Combo #4: Boyfriend Jeans + Short Boots

The boyfriend jean and boot combo is really pretty simply to nail. Always go for the roll (1 roll, two rolls, messy roll.. all work!) and show off that boot! And always stick with short boots - no tall boots here! My fav boots to wear with boyfriend jeans at the moment: combat boots, Chelsea boots, or modern western style boots.

Combo #5: Wide Leg/Flare Jeans + Boots

It's time to unlearn all you've been told about crop jeans ladies. NO they aren't just for summer and spring. YES - you can wear your wide leg or flare cropped jeans in fall and winter! In fact, I love the retro vibe of it. So how do you nail it? For cropped styles, you can do either short/ankle boots or tall boots.

When wearing ankle boots, your jean may cover the boot a little or an inch or two of your ankle may show through. Both are totally acceptable and fashionable styles! (i mean, look at the photos above!) One of my favorite boot styles to wear with cropped flare or wide leg jeans is the sock bootie. So chic!

Tall boots work, too! (And are a great way to stay warm in the winter, might I add!) Just make sure it’s a tighter fit, so it easily goes under the jean.

But this is key, ladies. So pay attention! For cropped or full length denim, you need to wear pointed toe or slightly rounded/almond toe boots. Yes, I'm putting the kabosh on anything else you have in your closet. Wearing a pointed to or almond toe boot helps to elongate your leg. (Ok, I sold you right there, didn't I?!)

So that's a wrap! I hope you found this guide helpful. If you still have questions, drop them in the comments below!

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