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Three Tips to Perfect Fall Layers

Ok ladies, let's talk about fall layering! I've got three foolproof tips that will have you well on your way to creating the perfect fall outfit! This was a topic I got lots of questions about from you, specifically how to mix textures and patterns. There will probably be more from me on pattern mixing, because there's a lot of things to think about! But we're going to start breaking into it right here.

And textures... who out there is thinking about textures in their fall outfits? As you'll soon find out, mixing textures is a key element to think about when you're layering. It can either make or break an outfit.

So let's go! Keep reading for my best fall layering tips.

Tip #1: Mix up your materials

The first thing I want you to be thinking about when layering for fall is the type of materials that you're mixing together. And the key here is that you DO want the materials to be different and you DO NOT want them to be identical. Seems simple enough, right? The more difference there is in the materials, texture or weight, the better.

Now this is really easy when you're talking about mixing a soft, flowy blouse with a chunky cardigan or pairing a lace top with a suede jacket. Those are big differences, right? Done. You've achieved the first tip!

Where I see women really trip up is when mixing knits together. So let's talk about an example. If you have a fine knit sweater, and you want to mix it with a fine knit cardigan, those are almost identical in terms of their material, weight and texture. So is there a whole lot of visual interests going on? Nope. In fact, it can give you sort of a weird sweater set vibe that in most cases isn't on trend anymore. How can you fix this? Easy. Just change up one of the items.

Instead of your fine knit cardigan, opt for a thicker, wider weave cardigan. Now there is an obvious difference. Look at the photo above for an example. Do you see the visual interest that this small change up creates?

The key is to have as much of a difference between the materials as possible. (Am I sounding like a broken record yet?!?) Any time you've got something that looks almost identical in it's weight, texture or material, that is something you generally want to avoid. The more different they can be, the better.

Tip #2: Follow the "hard" and "soft" rule.

I love this rule, you guys! It's something I always keep in mind when I'm getting dressed. I call it the "hard soft" rule. What the heck am I talking about? When I'm mixing things together and creating layers, I try to have one piece be soft and feminine, and the other have a cool, edgy or hard vibe to it.

For example, in the photo above, I'm wearing a very feminine, ruffle neck knit sweater. And then I topped it off with a black leather Moto jacket. See how this creates such an unexpected, cool, effortless vibe?

Here's another example: In the photo above, I have a feminine, flowy polka dot midi skirt paired with a suede Moto jacket. Again, the Moto jacket has a tough outer layer to it and it balances so well with the feminine skirt.

In both of these examples I am wearing a Moto jacket, but you can also use a utility jacket, a denim jacket or any other casual top layer to achieve that right balance.

Now, do you have to follow this rule? Absolutely not. It's a style that I personally love and wear often. So take it or leave it as a tip to elevate your fall layers.

Tip #3: Think of your plaids, houndstooth or check as a neutral

In this final tip, we're going to get into pattern mixing. Specifically, in regards to your plaid, houndstooth, check, and tweed tops or blazers. I want you to start thinking about these not as patterns, but as whatever the dominant color that item is. In the plaid blazer above, yes it is technically a pattern, but the dominant color in that jacket is brown. And it looks beautiful when paired with a blue striped top. (Just think, would pair a brown cardigan with a blue top? Yes!)

Here is another example. This plaid blazer in the photo above is a pattern, yes, but what is the dominant color? It's gray. What would you wear with a gray blazer? Just about anything! I love it paired with this dark floral top for fall.

And tweed. Don't get me started on tweed! Ok, I will get started. Ladies, tweed is NOT a pattern. Even if it has multiple colors weaved into it, it is still considered a solid color. So, pair it with whatever complimentary color you normally would.

The lesson you want to take away here is don't think so much about these checked, plaid, houndstooth or tweed items as a pattern. Think of them as the dominant color that shines through. I often say these items are a neutral, meaning, you can pair just about any color or pattern with them!

Those are my tips for today, ladies! I hope you learned something new, or picked up a little trick that you can add to make your fall layers even better.

Loving this post? Or do you have a question? Leave me a comment below! I'd love to hear from you!

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