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TRANSITION TO FALL: How to Wear White Clothing in Fall/Winter

Hello, ladies! I'm back with more for you in the series of transitioning our summer wardrobe in Fall. There's so many things that we pack away at the end of summer as we transition to a new season that we really don't need to stop wearing. And one of those items is white clothing.

Someone once said a ridiculous thing: "Stop wearing white after Labor Day!" Ok... no. Just, no! This is a ridiculous, old rule that so many of us still live by, but that no longer applies in modern life.

So let's try to erase that silly little rule from our brains and move into modern times! Yes, wearing white is not only OK, but a perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe.

I know what you're thinking... "Ellie, how the heck do you do it without looking ridiculous?"

Don't you worry. I'm breaking down the DO's and the DON'Ts right here, and teaching you how to incorporate white clothing into your fall outfits.

DO choose heavier fabrics

The first do (and along side it, the don't) is to think about the fabric of the material. The general rule to follow is to stick with a heavier, more structured fabric. In contrast, think about your summery white linen pants, a white eyelet or seersucker shirt. Those items scream "summer!" and can be packed away.

In general, stay away from the light, airy, flowy fabrics as they will not translate well into a Fall or Winter outfit. What you do want to keep in your closet is more substantial fabrics like denim, wool, tweeds, even cotton.

DO ground it with a rich, Fall color

The second thing to consider when pulling together a white outfit for Fall is the color you pair with it. So much like in the first Transition to Fall series, where I talked about wearing summery dresses and skirts in Fall, you need to anchor this white piece with a fall color. A favorite color combination of mine is camel + white. I wear it often and you'll see it in many of these photos. But, you can choose any rich, Fall color that you love, including brown, beige, burgundy, dark greens, mustard, or rust. Any of the beautiful rich fall colors you can imagine are going to look really great with your white and anchor that look.

What you want to stay away from is pairing your white with a pastel. Think bright yellow, a pale pink, violet, light blue. Keep those color combinations for Spring or Summer! Unless you've got something else that goes with it - like a jacket in a rich Fall color - to help ground the look, it's not going to work.

DO add a print

Want to really make your white outfit sing? My favorite trick is to add a print. It could be a big element of your outfit, or it could be a small accessory like a belt, a scarf, shoe, headband, or handbag.

So what kind of a print are we talking about?

Animal prints are perfect. I often wear white pants with leopard or snakeskin (shown in the photo above), which is a beautiful combination. But I'm also talking about plaids, houndstooth, even a dark floral will work beautifully with white. So pick out those patterns - make it as big or as little as you want! It's amazing how that helps to pull the whole look together!

DO wear all white

All right, ladies, here's my last tip for you! And this is undeniably my favorite. Yes, yes, YES you can do an all white outfit! But how the heck do you do it? The first thing to know is that the whites DO NOT have to match. In fact, having the whites be slightly off and different enough is helpful so it doesn't look like you were trying to match the whites. You can mix white with off-white or cream.

Want proof this works? Check out the photo below. My denim pants are stark white, and the sweater is cream. Also note, pairing an all white outfit with black is a-ok!

If you're not quite ready for the all white outfit, try pairing white with a beige or camel or taupe color.

Another little tip I love to do with all white outfits is to add an animal print. Sometimes having a print pop in your shoe or an accessory helps break up that all white outfit.

All right lovely ladies, that's all my tips for you. I hope I've convinced you that you need to keep your white items out in your wardrobe and keep wearing them through the fall and winter. There's so many beautiful ways to wear these and I can't wait to see what you put together.

Still have a question? Leave me a comment below!

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