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5 Easy Ways to Infuse Spring into Your Outfits now

Hallelujah! Spring is finally here! This is one of my favorite times of the year because I feel like I get to hit the reset button. Not only with my mood and mindset (Hello, sun! Where have you been for the last 4 months?!) but with my wardrobe. No matter what the temps are outside, I am craving something lighter, fresher, brighter!

Here's 5 easy ways to infuse spring into your wardrobe now - even if it's still chilly and cool where you are.

#1 Wear Dresses

Putting on a dress always signals warmer temps to me! But why not wear them when it's still cool? The key is thinking in layers. Layer a turtleneck or tee underneath, or a light sweater over it, and add booties (pack away your tall boots). If you're in a warmer climate, you can add toppers like denim jackets, blazers or field jackets to give it the perfect Spring vibe. A pair of white sneakers is the perfect way to wear it to look ultra cool for weekend errands and activities.

#2 Add A Boost of Color

Color is known to be a mood booster, so stop reaching for the black, browns and grays and put on something colorful! Whether you love ultra brights, primary colors or muted pastels, any color will do. Guaranteed this small change will boost your (and your Zoommates) mood.

#3 Unpack Spring Florals

It's time to unpack those bright florals from storage and wear them now! The key is to look for florals that are lighter and brighter. When possible, save your dark, rich florals for fall and winter.

The outfit ideas are endless...

Jeans + floral top + blazer or cardigan

Jeans + floral top + sneakers

Floral dress + denim jacket + sneakers

Floral dress + blazer + heeled sandal

#4 Wear White

Don't tell me you're still following the “no white after labor day” rule? Pull out those white jeans, white pants (I'm loving the khaki/cotton styles out now) white blazers, crisp white button-downs, and white sweatshirts/sweaters. I love an all white look in Spring, as shown above. I added a belt and denim jacket to break it up a bit. Or, go with white jeans + a cream or white sweater or sweatshirt for cooler days. (Yes - you can mix bright white + cream tones!) Or wear a crisp white button-down with jeans and sneakers or sandals.

#5 Add Stripes

Ahhh, stripes are an immediate sign of Spring, aren't they? Blue and white in particular is a fav of mine, but I love stripes of all colors, or a rainbow of colors! Here's a little pro tip for you: Pick striped tops or sweaters where the dominant color is white or cream, and the stripe is another color. (See how that's the case in all three tops above?)

Which of these 5 ideas are you most excited to try out? Leave a comment and let me know!

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