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8 Cozy, At-Home Holiday Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is going to look a lot different for many of us this year. Trading in big family and friend gatherings with smaller ones or maybe not even leaving the comfort of your home! At Thanksgiving comfort is always key, not only because it's a day to relax, but also to give you a little extra room for all that grazing you're going to be doing throughout the day. Even though I'll be spending my Thanksgiving at my parents' house, I still want to be stylish - after all, it is a holiday!

So today I'm rounding up 8 outfit ideas that are perfectly cozy and comfortable for an at-home holiday celebration, without losing your sense of style. Of course, you can always do a sweater and jeans, but I assumed you already thought of that!

Outfit #1: The Sweater Cape

I love a good sweater cape in the Fall - and it's the perfect option for a holiday because it's basically like wearing a blanket, but looks so chic. Perfection! I paired mine with a striped button-up blouse with the sleeves rolled (of course!) and some skinny jeans and booties. You could also swap out the shirt for a long-sleeve shirt or sweater, or a turtleneck for extra warmth.

Outfit #2: The Knit Set

If you haven't noticed already, fashion is moving to comfortable chic because of the pandemic and so many people working from home. Our need for coziness and comfort have skyrocketed, but we still want to look amazing while doing it. Am I right? Enter the knit skirt set. How perfect is this? And I love the matchy matchy thing that's going on here. I wore mine with booties, but you could also opt for a cute pair of sneakers for ultra comfort. I've also worn this with a denim jacket or a moto jacket if you want an extra layer.

Outfit #3: The Flowy Dress

Talk about making room for that extra helping of turkey and stuffing! I love flowy dresses (especially midi and maxi lengths), and how versatile they are. In the photo above you can see how I've dressed it up with a pair of tall boots, and also dressed it down with a pair of sneakers and denim jacket. You can really take this look any which way you want, but it's the perfect way to up your style without losing your comfort!

Outfit #4: Dressed Down Trousers

I love a good pair of trousers and I hate thinking that my trousers are getting neglected just because there is a pandemic! So how do you wear them without overdoing it at your family gathering? You dress it down with your top and shoes. In the top left picture, I paired mine with a graphic sweatshirt and sneakers. On the right picture, it's a bit more fancy, since I'm wearing booties, but you could also swap that for sneakers. A cozy turtleneck is a nice alternative if you don't want a sweatshirt.

Outfit #5: The Joggers

Can I get an AMEN on adding joggers to this list? (You can thank me later!) Who doesn't want permission to wear joggers to a holiday gathering?! I love how you can make joggers completely stylish by adding some nicer pieces, like a mockneck sweater and a nice pair of mules (or go for ultra comfort with these fuzzy mules, which are pretty much like wearing slippers!). Now I have to admit, this pair of joggers isn't sweatpants material. Choosing a jogger with a slightly more structured and tailored material helps pull the look together and polished, but you still benefit from the comfort!

Outfit #6: The Long Cardigan

Long cardigans are all the rage this fall and it's no wonder. Talk about comfort! And when you pair it with black jeans and a blouse, you instantly look pulled together and polished! Unfortunately, my exact blouse is old and no longer available, but I've included two beautiful blouse options above. For my petite ladies: Yes, you can wear long cardigans! Just be sure to go with a slightly shorter option like this one.

Outfit #7: The Lace Top

How many of you own a lace top already? I bet you do! However, most of us don't give these items any love throughout the year, except for the holidays or special occasions. And this holiday shouldn't be any different even though it looks really different than past years! So how do you make it more casual? I love dressing down my lace top with jeans. As you can see in the photos above, the black jeans give the outfit a dressier look, while choosing a lighter wash makes it even more casual. Any wash of jean will work! As a general rule, the lighter the wash, the more casual it will be. Same goes with your shoe choice: Booties or nice flats will dress it up and sneakers or combat boots will dress it down.

Outfit #8: The Silky Skirt

Have you noticed that silky satin skirts are everywhere this season? It's a big trend and you may be wondering how that fits into the "year of comfort in fashion" that we are all experiencing. Honestly, these silky satin skirts feel like a dream, like the softest pair of pajamas you will ever own. For a dressier look, go with tall boots and a sweater (remember the half tuck so you don't lose your shape) or dress this skirt down with a sweatshirt or hoodies and sneakers.

I hope this has you inspired to create a really amazing outfit for your holiday gathering! I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment or a question below.

Making Style Simple,


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