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The Devil is in the Details

As a Personal Stylist, I can't unsee fashion faux pas. It's a blessing, and a curse really. A blessing, because it helps my clients greatly when I pay attention to the details, such as ordering the right size, finding the perfect shoe to go with their outfit, and thinking about all the other million details that go into making a good outfit... well, great. And it's a curse because I can't turn it off even when I'm out and about.

Like this past weekend, when I was shopping at Costco, and saw this common mistake women make: Failing to remove the thread that holds the flap of a jacket or blazer vent closed. Exhibit A below.

Ladies, let this be your reminder to check every single jacket or blazer you own, right now - and cut out that thread!

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved this woman's outfit. She totally nailed it with her jeans and white Nike sneakers and blazer overtop a hooded sweatshirt. A perfect little weekend outfit... all except that one tiny little detail. And I wondered, how many other people notice these things? Is it just me? I stood there debating, do I say something, and risk her feeling called out and exposed, with the upside of helping her out. Or, do I stay silent? I chose to stay silent. Why, I'm not sure... and I'm still questioning if I did the right thing. As I write this, I'm vowing to help a sister out, even if I'm in line at Costco - and do it in a way that doesn't embarrass her or call undue attention the situation.

Why am I writing about this seemingly small detail I saw at Costco? It's because I know that deep down, all women have this fear of not getting it right when it comes to their style. We doubt ourselves all the time, don't we? I hear questions like these:

Is this still in style?

Can I wear this trend?

I need to nail this business presentation. What should I wear?

Does this outfit work with my body type?

What shoes go with these jeans?

Can I still wear my skinny jeans?

Am I too old for this?

Does this make me look old?

Does it look like I'm trying too hard?

I'm <insert age,> shouldn't I wear X?

And on and on. One of the best parts of my job is taking this stress off of my clients' plates. After all, the women I serve have enough going on... a demanding career, insane calendars, and sometimes kids in the mix to make it even more complicated. They have enough to worry about, let alone what to wear. Taking this one seemingly small detail - but in reality, a pretty big detail and stressor for most women - off their plate is a true gift.

It's a gift of time.

It's a gift of saved energy.

It's a gift of mind space.

It's a gift of never having to step inside a store or shop online again.

It's a gift of knowing with 100% certainty you walk out the door or into a business meeting feeling confident.

It's a gift of not worrying that people will focus on your clothes, instead of the woman wearing them.

And to me, that's a pretty big deal.

How I can help

I'm on a mission to help women own their personal style and gain complete confidence in how they look every day. Whether that's a one-time style need like finding a killer outfit for a work or personal event, a complete overhaul of your closet, or looking camera-confident for a photo shoot. I do the work, so you can sit back and focus on whatever else needs your attention! I also work virtually, allowing me to work with any woman, no matter where you're located. Learn more about my styling services, and if it's right for you by booking a free (virtual!) 30-minute style consult with me.

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